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Did you know that the global value for natural skincare and cosmetics is expected to reach $46 Billion by 2024? In the cosmetics industry, online sales are projected to make up 48% of the total by 2023. Facial cosmetics is the second most profitable, with sales revenue of 1.9 billion U.S.
Proven Results For Beauty Cosmetics Brands

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Ranked 8 Keywords on the 1st page, and achieved a 15.5X ROAS in the first 3rd quarter of management.

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85-90% of users will not click on an ad.


9/10 users never search past the first page of Google Search Results.


Online ads increase brand awareness by 80%

What We Can Offer To Your Cosmetics Industry Marketing Strategies.

Organic Search

  • A custom-built organic strategy to build your perfect audience
  • A targeted keyword campaign tailored to your goals
  • Monthly SEO + Keyword reports
  • Detailed SEO recommendations for your site
  • Guaranteed revenue growth

Paid Management

  • A custom campaign built around your ROAS goals
  • Daily optimizations from an award-winning team
  • Positive revenue within the first 45-60 days
  • Monthly paid performance reports
  • A custom strategy for Google Ads, Facebook/Instagram or Pinterest

Offsite Content Creation

  • A dedicated content writer researching + creating high-quality content – just for your SEO campaign.
  • Beauty cosmetics advertising content that is yours to own and use.
  • Monthly batches of content that align with your brand.

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Make Over Your Cosmetics Digital Marketing Strategy

The cosmetics market is expected to reach $429.8 billion in 2022. While many people may still make their final purchases in-store, consumer behaviors have permanently shifted and a larger majority are beginning to discover new favorites online, putting smaller companies at the same starting line as globally recognized brands.

Whether it’s beauty blogs, YouTube tutorials, Instagram feeds, or the viral power of TikTok, beauty marketing has changed forever. Still, it still often starts with an organic Google search. That’s why it’s more important than ever to implement a top-of-the-line digital strategy to ensure your brand is among the first they discover. When you work with the digital beauty marketing experts at VELOX Media, you gain a partner who’s already familiar with these trends and with brands like yours, one who’s on top of the latest and most successful techniques for targeting your desired audience. Our strategies for link-building, PPC campaigns, and on-site SEO are effective individually, but just like your product line, we get the best results when we use them together.

Why You Should Choose VELOX as Beauty Content Marketing Agency

When it comes to beauty industry marketing, nothing’s more important than keeping things fresh. As a digital marketing agency for beauty products, our dedicated team of experts will build exclusive campaigns that will target your business’s specific goals, combining years of experience in SEO optimization, PPC strategies, search-informed social media marketing for the beauty industry, and more.

We’re committed to proving our success, and that means you’ll always be able to see the positive results of our efforts. As part of your month-to-month contract, we’ll send you detailed analytics and reports every 30 days to illustrate how we’ve helped drive brand awareness, boost your online revenue, and increase your ROAS by up to 400%.

What To Expect From Each Service

cosmetics marketing agency
Organic Search

Proven SEO Strategies for Beauty Products

Cosmetics users want the most effective products, but they also want them to help achieve a specific skincare goal and look, one that is unique to the user. Your organic search campaigns should be customized with the same level of care and individualization that your products are. A well-crafted organic search strategy can build trust with users already familiar with your cosmetics, while also creating and building brand awareness for potential new customers.

By combining extensive research, thorough keyword targeting, and intricate link-building techniques, our beauty marketing experts will create a digital marketing strategy for your cosmetics brand that drives more visitors to your site, encouraging conversions and boosting revenue. When users search for makeup brands, we want yours to top the list, and we’ve proven with our other cosmetic clients that we have the skills and experience to do just that.

Climb the Ranks of Organic Search with Improved Beauty Brand Marketing Strategies
Paid Management

Customized Campaigns for Your Cosmetics Company

Your beauty and cosmetics products are unique, so the campaigns you use to market them should be too. Pay-per-click campaigns are an effective way to capitalize on searches targeting your brand and the types of products you offer. Adding PPC to your cosmetic brand’s digital marketing strategy can drive ROI up more quickly and generate higher conversion rates and more qualified traffic.

No matter where you currently rank, pay-per-click ads can get you to the top of the search engine results page. Instant visibility like this can mean the difference between a consumer only considering your cosmetics and one who follows through with a purchase. At VELOX Media, our team of PPC and beauty content marketing experts will use their knowledge and experience combined to create a custom campaign specifically designed for your cosmetics brand. Combined with extensive research into cosmetic marketing trends, keywords, and the latest tools, we’ll work with you to deliver positive results within 45-60 days of an existing Adwords campaign.

Enhance Your Digital Beauty Marketing Campaigns
Marketing in the Cosmetic Market
Content Management

Content that Converts for Your Beauty and Cosmetics Brand

To maintain a successful website and SEO strategy, you need content that’s relevant to your intended audience and authoritative in the cosmetics industry. No in-house content team? No problem! VELOX is staffed with highly experienced, passionate, and versatile writers capable of crafting content about your cosmetics, who they’re designed for, and how best to incorporate them into the customer’s overall beauty routine.

As a beauty marketing agency, we know that to get your content just right, we need to have a deep understanding of your company, the cosmetics you offer, and the tone you want your content to convey. That’s why we’ll begin our partnership with a kickoff call between our team and yours, wherein we can learn everything we can about your brand mission, values, and voice. From there, our gifted team of writers and editors will get to work crafting relevant and informative beauty and cosmetics content that captures your chosen voice. We’ll spread this content to key parts of the web, helping you to reach a wider audience, generate growth, and create a more comprehensive backlink profile. All the while, we’ll be in constant communication with your team, meaning you’ll always know what we’re creating and have the final say before anything goes live. Best of all, each piece we craft for you is yours to keep, meaning you can add them to your company blog, distribute them through your newsletters, or use them to increase engagement across your social media channels. The choice is yours! Above all, our goal is to craft content that engages your target audience, but it’s just as important that you’re happy with it, and our partnership is designed to achieve both.

Complement Your Cosmetics Content Strategy and Improve Your Backlink Profile
Web Development
Web Development and Implementation

Improve the Buyer's Journey for Your Beauty and Cosmetics Website

Your cosmetics are designed to make the wearers look and feel their best, so why wouldn’t your website do the same for your products? As a beauty agency, our team specializes in making recommendations and implementing techniques designed to streamline your buying process and page speed optimization, thus creating an attractive, user-friendly experience for your customers. With fast loading times and search-optimized landing pages for your key products, we’ll help you drive qualified traffic that, in turn, will generate more leads, drive more conversions, and build a strong, loyal customer base.

Optimize Your Beauty and Cosmetics Website for 400% More Conversions

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