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Custom Paid And Organic Campaigns From The Ground Up

The global sports apparel market is forecasted to exceed 219 billion dollars by 2024. Will your current sportswear digital marketing strategy keep up? With the athleisure trend taking hold and continuing in an upward movement, sportswear is no longer just for athletic performance, but is also a fashion statement that is worn throughout the day.

VELOX Media builds research-based organic and paid search campaigns that help brands get noticed by target customer segments and compete in the crowded marketplace.

VELOX Media generates exposure for notable sportswear brands and our highly-focused, dedicated organic and paid campaigns maximize conversions. Our research-backed campaigns serve to deliver results first by targeting specific customer segments with the right message at the right moment for increased return on your investment.

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What To Expect While Working With VELOX

Brands mean everything in the sportswear world, and if consumers don’t know about your brand, you’re missing out on your revenue potential. The VELOX sports gear marketing team strives for quick wins by researching keywords surrounding your brand.

At VELOX, we thrive off of transparency and black-and-white results. With our month-to-month contracts, we not only track custom KPIs for your campaigns but for ourselves also. Our dedicated team of sportswear marketing experts will manage your account on a routine basis, finding new revenue opportunities and keeping you regularly up to date.

Our Methods

Organic Search

Organic SEO search is the largest acquisition channel providing the highest ROI results. At VELOX, our committed in-house team uses sportswear-industry research to build out custom strategies that will help you attract new customers and break revenue goals. We have an extensive process that allows us to identify and create an attainable success timeline with the research to back it up.

By strategically targeting keywords, strong search engine optimization can engage consumers and drive them to your site. Team up with VELOX and you’ll receive a personalized campaign tailored to your sportswear brand’s needs. And though we’ll provide results, we won’t lock you into long-term contracts. We commit to your sportswear brand’s success and provide you monthly reports to prove it, plus day-to-day communication.

Paid Management

Pay-per-click sportswear campaigns drive a faster ROI by capitalizing on brand-name searches and non-branded campaigns to increase the reach of your PPC campaign. At VELOX, our sportswear expert PPC managers will create and follow a custom approach for your sportswear brand that will work efficiently to improve your campaign’s ROI. Our research-based approach is proven to generate positive results in only 45-60 days for an existing Google Ads campaign. We maximize results for clients by spreading our efforts across multiple platforms including Google, Amazon, and Bing Ads.

When you work with VELOX, our well-executed PPC campaigns can quickly generate traffic to your sportswear brand by providing instant visibility on search engines. Our experienced PPC managers create custom-tailored PPC campaigns that will put your brand and products at the forefront of your target customers’ search results. We generate results for our clients and provide monthly reports, so you know exactly where your sportswear brand stands.

Content Management

Another benefit of working with VELOX is that you’ll gain access to our dedicated content team who will research and create relevant, high-quality content for your SEO campaign on a monthly basis. In addition to VELOX’s syndication efforts, the targeted SEO content that’s created is yours to own, so you can post it on your company’s blog, share it in newsletters, and spread it across social media to generate buzz and attract attention for your sportswear brand.

Whether you have a niche sportswear brand or a specific tone you want the content to carry, don’t worry, we’ll have a kick-off call with your team, so our content team knows exactly what you want (and don’t want). This means we can hit the ground running when the partnership launches, creating high-quality articles, company spotlights, and more to promote your brand and improve your ranking for targeted keywords. We’ll send the content your way so we can incorporate your feedback and edits before syndication. This partnership ensures you’re pleased with the final result and the content team knows what to keep top of mind when writing your future monthly batches of content. No in-house content team? No problem.

About VELOX Media

VELOX Media specializes in ROI-driven results through multiple marketing channels including organic search, content marketing, paid advertising management and technical search engine optimization. We’ve worked with brands of all sizes across industries from startups to international brands, and we take pride in helping our clients exceed their revenue and growth goals.

VELOX Media is the leading revenue focused digital marketing agency and a Certified Google Partner ranked among the top 1% of agencies worldwide by Google. We aim big, and we specifically target 400-800% monthly ROI above spend for our clients. We consistently discover new growth and revenue opportunities and follow custom strategies to achieve your individual KPIs.

With 80% of new growth coming from SEO strategies, our results can dramatically impact your bottom line.

  • Ranked among the top 1% of agencies worldwide by Google
  • Helped break revenue records for over 25 clients while creating $5 billion in new revenue combined
  • Our clients typically see their customer base double and 20-50% revenue growth within the first 3-6 months working with VELOX
  • We always target 4-10X target ROI above client spend on all campaigns