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57.9% of baby products increased in sales from Jan 2020 to March 2020, YoY. Did you know that baby product revenue is projected to reach $16.78 billion by 2025? In 2018, $75.16 million was made in supermarket sales for baby products.

Baby Digital Marketing Highlight

A client

Captured 8 keywords on the 1st page of Google, with a maintained 15.5X ROAS in the 3rd quarter in 2019.

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85-90% of users will not click on an ad.


9/10 users never search past the first page of Google Search Results.


Online ads increase brand awareness by 80%

What We Can Offer To Your Baby Industry Marketing Strategies.

Organic Search

  • A custom-built organic strategy to build your perfect audience
  • A targeted keyword campaign tailored to your goals
  • Monthly SEO + Keyword reports
  • Detailed SEO recommendations for your site
  • Guaranteed revenue growth

Paid Management

  • A custom campaign built around your ROAS goals
  • Daily optimizations from an award-winning team
  • Positive revenue within the first 45-60 days
  • Monthly paid performance reports
  • A custom strategy for Google Ads, Facebook/Instagram or Pinterest

Offsite Content Creation

  • A dedicated content writer researching + creating high-quality content – just for your SEO campaign.
  • Baby products advertising content that is yours to own and use.
  • Monthly batches of content that align with your brand.

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Did you know that the baby product market is expected to reach $16.78 billion by 2025? How much of that market will you capture? The Baby Products Industry is growing exponentially with thousands of companies all trying to be the next big thing, vying for the attention of the same audience. We’re experts at crafting personalized digital strategies for baby products that help drive new customer revenue and take your brand to the next level. VELOX works closely with clients to help them create a lifestyle image around their brand while capitalizing across all digital marketing channels.

Why Launch Your Online Baby Brand Campaign with VELOX?

The VELOX team of baby brand marketing experts has the experience and forward-thinking approach needed to launch and maintain a competitive digital marketing campaign for your brand. With our proven success and close attention to detail, we’re confident we can create a personalized campaign that will not only meet but exceed your business goals.

Every month, we’ll send you detailed reports to illustrate how we’ve helped drive brand awareness, boost your revenue, and increase your ROAS up to 400%. We’ll also communicate regularly to provide updates and keep up with your current and future goals. Some results can take time, but we let our wins speak for themselves, which means we’ll never lock you into a long-term contract.

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What Our Baby Products Digital Marketing Agency Can Offer

Baby Product SEO Agency
Organic Search

Baby Products SEO

Organic search is the largest acquisition channel, providing the best ROI. At VELOX, our committed in-house SEO team uses industry research to build out custom digital marketing strategies that will help you attract new customers and break revenue goals. Our organic SEO campaigns provide lasting results, helping your brand dominate search results, and outrank your competitors. We provide you with an attainable success timeline upfront with the research to back it up.

Baby products marketing strategy should be as unique to the brand as its products are. By targeting the right keywords, we can help you get the best visibility, engage your customers, and drive qualified traffic to your site. This increases conversion rates and boosts your overall online revenue. Our SEO team has extensive experience implementing baby products marketing strategies, and we’ll use our expertise to craft a thoughtful, personalized campaign to help you rise up the ranks in organic search results.


Baby Products Paid Management
Paid Management

Baby Products Paid Search Management

VELOX pay-per-click digital marketing campaigns drive a faster ROI by capitalizing on brand-name searches and non-branded campaigns to increase your reach. At VELOX, our expert PPC managers will create and follow an approach unique to your brand that will work efficiently to improve your campaign’s ROI. Our research-based approach is proven to generate positive results in only 45-60 days for an existing Google Ads campaign. We maximize results for clients by spreading our efforts across multiple platforms including Google, Amazon, and Bing Ads.

Our PPC campaigns are designed to quickly generate traffic by providing instant visibility on search engines. VELOX Media’s PPC managers create custom-tailored campaigns that put your brand and products at the forefront of your target customers’ search results. We generate results for our clients and provide monthly reports, so you know exactly where your brand stands.

Baby Product Content Management
Content Management

Creative Campaigns for Baby Product Companies

Another benefit of working with VELOX is that you’ll gain access to our dedicated content team. These professionals will research your brand and audience to create relevant, high-quality content for your SEO campaign on a monthly basis. In addition to VELOX Media’s syndication efforts, the targeted SEO content is yours to own, so you can post it on your company’s blog, share it in newsletters, and spread it across social media to generate buzz and engage with your customers.


Baby Products Web Development
Web Development & Implementation

Optimize Your Baby Product Website

A brand is only as good as its website. VELOX provides user-friendly and conversion-friendly web designs that take potential customers through a guided buying process. We specialize in implementation and page speed optimization, which boosts our efforts across the campaign. With cutting-edge tools and SEO-optimization techniques, we turn discovery, interaction, and conversion into a streamlined process. From fast load times to search-optimized landing pages, you’ll get the performance you need to exceed your business goals.

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