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Did you know that the global value for natural skincare and cosmetics is expected to reach $46 Billion by 2024? Did you know that Skincare is the second largest branch in the beauty industry taking up 23% of its revenue? Did you know approximately $82.9 billion of revenue was made in 2019?
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Our Clients succeed because of our custom campaigns

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Ranked 8 Top 5 keywords in first 8 months organically, while maintaining an average of 7.66 ROAS under paid management.
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Ranked 8 Keywords on the 1st page, and achieved a 15.5X ROAS in the first 3rd quarter of management.

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85-90% of users will not click on an ad.


9/10 users never search past the first page of Google Search Results.


Online ads increase brand awareness by 80%

What We Can Offer To Your Beauty Industry Marketing Strategies.

Organic Search

  • A custom-built organic strategy to build your perfect audience
  • A targeted keyword campaign tailored to your goals
  • Monthly SEO + Keyword reports
  • Detailed SEO recommendations for your site
  • Guaranteed revenue growth

Paid Management

  • A custom campaign built around your ROAS goals
  • Daily optimizations from an award-winning team
  • Positive revenue within the first 45-60 days
  • Monthly paid performance reports
  • A custom strategy for Google Ads, Facebook/Instagram or Pinterest

Offsite Content Creation

  • A dedicated content writer researching + creating high-quality content – just for your SEO campaign.
  • Beauty, skincare, and hair care advertising content that is yours to own and use.
  • Monthly batches of content that align with your brand.

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Give Your Beauty and Skincare Marketing Strategy a Makeover.

By 2023, the beauty and skincare market is expected to reach $805.61 billion in value. And while many consumers may still make their final purchases in-store, the majority of them are finding their favorites online.

From beauty blogs and YouTube tutorials to Instagram influencers’ stories, the ways your customers are finding the next big thing – your product – are constantly evolving. When you work with VELOX Media, you’re getting a partner who’s always on top of the latest and most successful techniques for targeting your desired audience in beauty, skincare, and hair care advertising. Our strategies of link-building, Pay-Per-Click campaigns, and on-site SEO are important individually, but just like your product line, you get the best results when you use them together.

Why You Should Choose VELOX as Your Beauty + Skincare Marketing Agency.

When it comes to online marketing, especially marketing hair care, beauty, and skincare products, nothing’s more important than keeping things fresh. Our dedicated team of experts will use their proven success with beauty and skincare clients to build customized campaigns exclusively designed with your business’s goals in mind.

Every month, we’ll send you detailed analytics and reports to illustrate how we’ve helped drive brand awareness, boost your revenue, and increase your ROAS up to 400%. Plus, we’ll only ask you to contract with us on a month-to-month basis, so you won’t have to lock into a long-term commitment to get the results you deserve.

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What To Expect From Each Service

Organic Search Beauty

Organic Search

Every day someone navigates to a search engine to discover their new favorite hair care, beauty, and skincare products. Having a well-crafted SEO strategy is key to making sure your brand tops the results. We’ll use our industry knowledge, extensive research, and SEO expertise to customize beauty marketing strategies that will draw in new potential customers, drive higher conversion rates, and ultimately break your revenue goals.

Beauty and skincare marketing strategy should be as unique to the brand as its products are. By targeting the right keywords, we can help you get the best visibility, engage your customers, and drive qualified traffic to your site. This, in turn, increases conversion rates and boosts your overall online revenue. Our SEO team has extensive experience marketing hair products and implementing beauty and skincare marketing strategies, and we’ll use our expertise to craft a thoughtful, personalized campaign to help you rise up the ranks in organic search results.

Paid Management Beauty

Paid Management

A thorough beauty and skincare marketing strategy doesn’t just stop at organic search efforts. You also need a custom pay-per-click campaign to bolster your beauty brand’s reach. Capitalizing on both branded and non-branded PPC campaigns ensures that you not only increase your visibility in search engine results pages, but also that you outrank the competition successfully. Paid ads top the list in search results, so you’re more likely to be the first brand your target audience sees when they search for the products they want most: yours.

Every skincare company is different, so your digital marketing strategy should be unique to you. Our team has the experience and expertise in beauty and skincare marketing as well as marketing hair care products to create well-crafted, personalized campaigns to suit your brand’s goals. Our custom-tailored PPC campaigns working in tandem with organic search efforts will bring your brand and products to the forefront of customers’ searches, boosting your ROI more quickly. And you’ll always know where you stand because we’ll send you regular reports showing the success of our strategies and work with you if there are any adjustments you want to make.

Content Management Beauty

Content Management

Knowledgeable, engaging content is crucial to illustrating what makes a beauty and skincare brand stand out. When you partner with VELOX, you get a dedicated team with background and expertise in writing and editing, create original, relevant content just for your brand and products. We’ll incorporate your targeted keywords and landing pages and syndicate the pieces we draft for you across key placements on the web. Getting your name out there is only part of it—having articles and company spotlights featured on sites your target audience already reads will bring qualified traffic to your site, increasing the likelihood of conversion and building authority and brand loyalty.

We won’t craft content for you in the dark, either. We know your beauty and skincare brand and products are unique to your company and your customers. So we’ll have a kickoff call at the beginning of our partnership to learn everything we can about your mission, values, and voice. Along the way, we’ll maintain open lines of communication, so you always have the final say on what we publish each month. We’ll stay up to date on the latest beauty trends to ensure content is always timely, but we’ll also work with you to cover anything you’re trying to highlight in the moment.

Web Development Beauty

Web Development and Implementation

Once consumers reach your site, they should have an experience just as streamlined and user-friendly as the journey they took to get there. Our team will employ cutting edge tools and optimization techniques to ensure the SEO and page speed of your site is performing as efficiently as possible. Once your customers have found your beauty brand and your products, they want to learn more about them and make their purchases as quickly as possible. Faster load times and search-optimized landing pages will make that possible.

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