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With global market values expected to reach $540 billion, $266 billion, and $108 billion respectively within the next 5-10 years, the coffee, tea, and energy drink industries have exploded in popularity, fueled by formula innovations and consumer interest in ready-to-drink specialty options at home. As more consumers turn to their favorite search engines in search of that perfect brew or energy drink, there’s never been a better time for your beverage brand to invest in high-quality digital marketing strategies. When you partner with VELOX Media, you gain a team of marketing experts ready to help put your products in front of a new generation of online shoppers. From industry-proven SEO strategies to content marketing, web development, and PPC, learn how VELOX can help drive needle-moving revenue for your coffee, tea, or energy drink business


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Organic Search Campaigns

Increase Revenue with an Organic Search Campaign

Like brewing that perfect cup of coffee, effective digital marketing requires the right approach. As consumers search for more of their favorite coffee, tea, and energy drink products online, it’s imperative that your brand and products are among the first results. Competition in these industries is fierce, and as a Google Premier Partner with over 10 years of experience in SEO, VELOX will work to help your beverage brand gain that coveted #1 spot in organic search results, with industry-proven methods to ensure you outrank the competition.

Proven Results

A Coffee Subscription Brand

100% of our campaign keywords ranked in Top 10 in 12 months

An Online Coffee company

Ranked 2 keywords in Top 3 within 3 months of management


Paid Management

High ROI with a Full-fledged Paid Campaign

A thorough digital marketing strategy doesn’t end with organic search efforts.Boosting your brand’s visibility requires a customized approach to paid advertising. At VELOX Media, we understand that your brand and products are as unique as your business. As experienced marketers in the coffee, tea, and energy drink industries, we’ll use proven techniques to build paid ads with engaging, creative copy to draw in your target audience and increase your overall conversion rates with the right mix of branded and non-branded PPC campaigns. Best of all, you’ll always know where you stand, as we’ll provide regular reports on the success of our strategies and work with you on any adjustments you’d like made in the process.


Content Management

High-quality, Relevant Content for Your Coffee, Tea, or Energy Drink Brand

From tips on how to brew the perfect cup of coffee to recommendations on the best herbal teas for anxiety or weight loss, modern consumers are always looking for high-quality, relevant content that aligns with their interests. At the same time, this type of content is crucial to establishing your brand as an authority in your chosen industry. When you partner with VELOX Media, you gain access to a gifted team of writers and editors who will work to learn everything they can about your brand’s mission, products, and voice.

From there, our content marketing specialists will get to work crafting relevant and informative content designed to showcase your brand in a knowledgeable, engaging, and natural way. We’ll spread this content to key parts of the web to help your brand reach a wider audience, generating growth and creating a more comprehensive backlink profile along the way. All the while, we’ll be in constant communication with your team, meaning you’ll always know what we’re creating and when, giving you the final say in any changes you want to be made before publication. Best of all, each piece we craft for you is yours to keep, meaning you can add them to your company blog, distribute them through your company’s newsletters, or use them to boost engagement across your social media channels. The choice is yours!

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