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Serving Digital Marketing Strategies for Ecommerce brands. In a heavily saturated market dominated by Amazon, getting to the top of the list is one of the biggest challenges faced by ecommerce companies. Our team has the resources to drive a campaign specifically designed to outrun the competition.

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Why You Need a Solid Marketing Strategy for Your Online Shopping Portal

More than ever, people are moving their shopping habits to the digital landscape. Even if some consumers still prefer to buy in store, most are finding new products to love online. If you have a strategic marketing plan in place, there’s no reason you can’t convert that shopper who might otherwise buy in store.

With the ecommerce market expected to reach $740 billion by 2023, it’s never too early to partner with an award-winning company that can help you capture your share of the revenue.

Our dedicated team will expertly build out personalized campaigns customized to meet and exceed your company’s goals. Plus, we’ve got plenty of experience working with whichever ecommerce solution you favor, from Shopify and BigCommerce to Magento and WooCommerce.

Direct to Consumer Marketing

The direct to consumer market has grown significantly in recent years. Brands like Purple and Dollar Shave Club have managed to successfully disrupt major industries by offering customers exactly what they want: competitive pricing, top-of-the-line products, and unbeatable customer service. Although their success might seem like the result of luck and timing, these brands don’t exist in a vacuum and your brand could achieve similar results with the right direct to consumer sales strategy. Partner with VELOX Media’s direct to consumer strategy experts and take your brand to the next level both on and offline.

Increase Your Direct to Consumer Sales

At VELOX Media, we specialize in consumer direct marketing and sales strategies. Utilizing our industry-leading SEO, PPC, and creative services, we can help you target specific audiences and even help you discover new customers. We’ve helped brands in a variety of industries grow their online presence, utilizing unique strategies custom-tailored to their customers, current situation, and goals.

Whether you need to increase your direct wine sales or you’re launching a brand selling the latest innovation in health and wellness, our direct to consumer digital marketing experts can help! Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help your brand grow.

Why Should You Partner with VELOX for Your Ecommerce Marketing Services?

Using proven techniques like link-building, on-site SEO, and PPC campaigns, our strategy will grow your customer base, drive conversions, and ultimately boost sales.

The answer is simple: We’ll increase online revenue for your company.

To illustrate our success, we’ll send you thorough reports and detailed analytics every month as part of your month-to-month contract with us. We know your commitment to us is only as strong as our commitment to you, so we’ll make sure you always have the positive results of our campaigns right at your fingertips.

Proven Results

Our clients succeed because of our custom campaigns.

100% Pure

8Ranked 8 keywords on the 1st page
15.5ROAS in the 3rd Quarter
$3.06Mil$3.06 million in revenue


10Drove 10 keywords to the 1st page in 6 months
$76,000Generated $76,000 in new revenue in 6 months

Dr. Axe

#1Ranked #1 and #2 on two search phrases in 90 days. No ranking when we started.
$65,000Generated in new revenue in 90 days.

What We Offer for your Marketing Strategies for Your Ecommerce Solution

Paid Management

E-Commerce Campaigns Customized for Your Goals

To get ahead of the competition in a world dominated by Amazon, you need pay-per-click strategies that will move your ecommerce company to the top of the search results pages. Having a team that’s dedicated to creating tailored campaigns backed by extensive research and experience with ecommerce solutions can help you get there faster. As a Google Premier Partner, we’re uniquely positioned to have the latest news on core algorithm updates, new tools rolling out, and any key changes in the technology.

We’re adept in all paid platforms, including Amazon and Bing, and our proven techniques can bring your ecommerce brand positive results in as little as 45 to 60 days for an existing Google Ads campaign. You have your online shopping solution down to an art—it’s time to do the same for how you market it.

Organic Search

Bringing SEO to Your Ecommerce Solution

Ranking above the big competitors like Amazon often comes down to one key factor: identifying user intent. We’ll implement a thorough process combining research in the ecommerce industry and our years of experience breaking revenue goals for our ecommerce clients to come up with the ideal strategy designed to boost your online sales.

Whether it’s Shopify, BigCommerce, or any of the other major platforms, we’ve worked with it. And we’ll work with you to make sure the campaign we’ve laid out is reasonable, attainable, and, most importantly, successful. Along the way, we’ll maintain an open line of communication with you to be sure we’re not only on top of the latest organic search trends, but also up to date on what your goals are.

Content Management

Getting Creative with E-Commerce Brands

Understanding user intent is only half the battle; you also have to be able to satisfy it. A critical part of achieving this is having well-crafted, highly relevant content for your users to enjoy. E-commerce brands in the Ashburn area can cross a number of fields, so having a team who know how to write for all of them can make the difference for your conversion rates. Our in-house writers, editors, and content creators have years of experience between them, and they’re skilled in crafting engaging content for any vertical.

Most importantly, our team understands that your e-commerce brand is unique to you and your customers. While we may have experience writing for your vertical, we still want to take the time to get to know your brand, your goals, and any specific tone or messaging you want to explore. We’ll set up an initial kick-off with your team to go over any key points, but we’ll also continue to communicate with you as we create content each month. You’ll always have the final word on what gets syndicated, and you’ll own every piece we create for you. We’ll publish your content on key websites across the web, with the goal of attracting qualified traffic and sending them to your site, which will drive conversions and boost your revenue. Once content is out there, you’re free to post it yourself, whether that’s on your blog, in newsletters, or across your social media accounts.

Web Development + Implementation

Optimize Your Site

Creating relevant content to spread across the web works especially well when the same care and attention to detail goes into your own site too. Our team specializes in implementing strategies to optimize page speed and on-site SEO, using cutting edge tools and proven proprietary techniques to create a streamlined, user-friendly process. Having faster load times and search-optimized landing pages improves your site’s overall performance and, in turn, drives engagement and conversion.

Grow Your Customer Base with an Ecommerce Marketing Expert.

Utilize our proven SEO and PPC strategies, world-class digital marketing team, and exemplary creative services to take your brand to next level and start getting more and leads and driving new revenue online. Ready to get started?

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