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The fashion market is a competitive place to be, especially in light of coronavirus-related changes in buying behavior throughout the first quarter of 2020, but with the right digital marketing partnership, you can rise to the top. VELOX Media offers strategies exclusively designed to optimize your digital presence, drive up conversions, and ultimately increase sales. It’s critical now to ensure your digital strategy is set to be as successful as possible for the rest of the year.

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Dress Up Your Fashion Marketing Strategy

With the fashion industry projected to show an 8.4% annual growth rate in just the next four years, now’s the time to invest in a thorough, high-quality fashion digital marketing strategy. While the landscape has faced some unprecedented challenges as a result of COVID-19, ecommerce sales for the fashion industry continue at a steady pace. That makes it as important as ever, if not more so, to ensure your digital marketing strategy is equipped to capture the higher number of consumers shopping online.

If you want to capture this larger audience and entice them to buy from you, you need to be the first, or one of the first, brands they come across in the search results page. Ninety percent of searchers won’t look further than the first ten results. So how do you rise to the top? To do You need a strong digital strategy, and for that, you need VELOX.

Why VELOX Is Your Digital Fashion Agency

Whether your fashion brand focuses on general apparel, athletic wear, plus-size, or the ever-expanding sustainable fashion sector, VELOX Media can create a tailored online strategy for your business. We have a proven history of success building digital marketing strategy for fashion brands, as evidenced by our case studies.

Our experience with this market enables us to stay up to date on the latest trends and challenges faced by fashion verticals, and we’re already doing just that in regards to coronavirus and the changes in how consumers are buying as a result. By combining extensive research with the best techniques, including linkbuilding, PPC, and on-site SEO, our team is able to design a strategy as innovative as the products you offer.

Proven Results

Our clients succeed because of our custom campaigns.

Rent the Runway

$97,500New revenue per month in 60 days.
3Captured 3 top 3 rankings within 60 days of the original 4 to 8-month time frame

How We’re Better Than Other Fashion Marketing Companies

Organic Search

Perfecting SEO for Fashion Industry Brands

Just like when you’re creating the perfect outfit, building the perfect digital marketing strategy requires several pieces to form the whole. One of those key pieces is optimizing your SEO for organic search. Regardless of where people go to buy clothes, search engines are still often the first—and most popular—place they start looking. It’s here that they can find the latest trends and styles, and your fashion brand should be the first one they find.

In order to get to that coveted top spot in the search results page, you need a team of experts to build thorough, innovative organic campaigns designed specifically for fashion—and your brand in particular. VELOX employs talented specialists with decades of experience who can create organic search campaigns that will help you rank higher (and longer) than your competitors.

Paid Management

Outfitting Your Strategy with PPC

While organic search might be considered the base of your SEO strategy, your pay-per-click campaigns are equally essential. PPC can maximize the efforts begun by your organic strategies, bolstering your reach and dominating even more of the search results page. When customers search for you or the types of apparel you offer, they should find you as easily as possible. Our customized PPC campaigns help make sure that’s exactly what happens.

We have a dedicated crew of PPC managers who are highly skilled in tailoring the perfect PPC campaigns for your fashion brand, and if you take a look at our case studies, you can see they’ve done it before. While every fashion apparel brand is different, we’ll use proven techniques to build paid ads with engaging, creative copy that draws your target audience in and increases your overall conversion rates. Our goal is to help increase your ROI and revenue, and PPC is often a critical part of the journey to get there.

Content Management

Creating Versatile Content for Your Fashion Brand

Think of linkbuilding like the accessories to the perfect outfit. Backlinks may seem like a small part of the overall strategy, but without them, the outfit just doesn’t come together the way you envisioned it. Our team of world-class writers work diligently not only to learn your brand inside and out, but also research the latest information about the fashion industry. The result is content carefully crafted by gifted writers, editors, and content creators to showcase your brand in an engaging, knowledgeable, and natural tone. We’ll always ensure we’re sticking to the voice you prefer, whether it’s professional, friendly, or funny, and our team will communicate with you regularly to stay on top of anything you want to highlight.

Every month, we’ll draft new articles to spread to various fashion-relevant websites across the internet. Each piece will include your targeted keywords and landing pages in easy-to-read, informational formats, making it as simple as a single click for your audience to reach the products they most want to purchase. On top of that, we’ll always welcome and encourage your feedback on each month’s batch of content so you rest assured we’re sticking to your voice and message.

Web Development
Web Development and Implementation

Technical On-Site SEO

Once you’ve put together the perfect outfit, you want people to see it. Our web development experts are here to offer recommendations and implement techniques to help your site be as user-friendly as possible. We’ll examine your page speed, images, on-site SEO, and more to make sure users are able to find what they’re looking for quickly and efficiently, allowing them to funnel through the customer journey to the purchasing stage that much easier.

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