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The global apparel and footwear market is projected to climb to $3.3 trillion by 2030, with eCommerce transactions expected to make up to 36% of total fashion retail by 2022. As consumers continue to discover new fashion trends through their favorite blogs, influencers, and social media platforms, there’s never been a better time for fashion brands to invest in a high-quality digital marketing strategy to meet these customers at every stage of the buyer journey. When you partner with VELOX Media, you gain a team of fashion digital marketing experts ready to help you market your products to an entirely new generation of online shoppers.


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Organic Search Campaigns

Increase Revenue with an Organic Search Campaign

Just like when you’re creating the perfect outfit, building the perfect digital marketing strategy requires several pieces to form the whole. One of those key pieces is optimizing your SEO for organic search. Regardless of where people go to buy clothes, search engines are often the first and most popular place they start looking. It’s here that they can find the latest trends and styles, and your fashion brand should be the first one they discover.

In order to gain that coveted #1 spot of organic search results, you need a team of digital marketing experts to build thorough and innovative organic campaigns designed for fashion and your brand in particular. As a fashion SEO agency, VELOX employs talented specialists with decades of experience who can create organic search campaigns that will help you rank higher (and longer) than your competitors.

Proven Fashion Results

A Fitness Clothing Brand

Doubled Organic Revenue within the first 90 days of management

A Leading Fashion Company

Captured three Top 3 rankings within 60 days of the original 4-8 month timeline

A casual lifestyle brand
9.14X ROAS

Averaged a 9.14X ROAS and a 400%+ increase in revenue YoY.


Paid Management

High ROI with a full-fledge paid Campaign

While organic search might be considered the base of your SEO strategy, your pay-per-click campaigns are equally essential. PPC can maximize the efforts begun by your organic strategies, bolstering your reach and dominating even more of the search results page. When customers search for you or the types of apparel you offer, they should find you as easily as possible. Our customized PPC campaigns help make sure that’s exactly what happens.

As an experienced fashion marketing agency, our PPC managers are experts at tailoring the perfect PPC campaigns for your fashion brand. While every fashion apparel brand is different, we’ll use proven techniques to build paid ads with engaging, creative copy to draw in your target audience and increase your overall conversion rates. At the end of the day, our goal is to help increase your ROI and revenue, and PPC is often a critical part of the journey to get there.


Content Management

Original, relevant content for your fashion brand and products

Think of linkbuilding like the accessories to the perfect outfit. Backlinks may seem like a small part of the overall strategy, but without them, the outfit just doesn’t come together the way you envisioned. From fashion blogs and YouTube hauls to Instagram influencers and viral TikToks, customers are finding their favorite new fashion trends in all sorts of creative and exciting ways. When you work with the fashion retail marketing experts at VELOX Media, you gain a partner who’s already familiar with these trends and with brands like yours, one who’s on top of the latest and most successful techniques for targeting and engaging with your core audience. Our strategies for link-building, PPC campaigns, and on-site SEO are effective individually, but just like your fashion products, we get the best results when we pair them together.

Your partnership begins with a kickoff call between our team and yours for us to learn everything we can about your mission, values, and brand voice. Afterward, our team of world-class writers and editors get to work crafting content designed to showcase your fashion brand in an engaging, knowledgeable, and natural way. Whether your voice is more professional or you prefer a lighter, funnier, and more friendly tone, we’ll work with you to stay on top of any and all changes you’d like to make along the way.

Each month, we’ll draft new articles and company spotlights to spread across fashion-relevant websites, with each piece including your targeted keywords and landing pages in easy-to-read, informational formats. Not only will this help you to reach a wider audience, but it’ll help your fashion brand to generate growth with a more comprehensive backlink profile. Best of all, each piece we craft for you is yours to keep, meaning you can add them to your company blog, distribute them through your newsletters, or use them to increase engagement across your social media channels. The choice is yours!

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