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The Health and Wellness market is forecasted to increase by 5.3%, reaching over $6 trillion by 2025. Ask yourself, how much of that market are you capturing? At VELOX Media, we’re experts at crafting digital marketing strategies for health and wellness brands and helping our clients drive new customer revenue. We work closely with our clients to help them create a lifestyle image around their brand while capitalizing across all digital marketing channels.

Let VELOX Media help optimize your marketing strategies so you can focus on building your brand and the lifestyle it inspires.


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Organic Search Campaigns

Increase Revenue with an Organic Search Campaign

Organic search is the largest acquisition channel to bring you the highest ROI. As a health and wellness digital marketing agency, our team is focused on research-based strategies to provide an accurate and attainable campaign to greatly surpass your original revenue goals. We operate on a transparent landscape by providing monthly reports and pride ourselves on being quick to respond to any questions or concerns you might have to ensure a successful campaign long term.

Your health and wellness marketing strategy should be as unique to the brand as its products are. By targeting the right keywords, we can help you increase your search visibility, engage your customers, and drive more qualified traffic to your site. As a result, we can help you boost your conversion rates and improve your overall online revenue. Our SEO team has extensive experience implementing health and wellness marketing strategies and we’ll use our expertise to craft a thoughtful, personalized campaign to help climb the ranks in organic search results.

Proven Health and Wellness Results

An Essential Oils Company
8 keywords

8 out of 9 keywords are ranking in the top 3 in 8 months of management.

Organic Supplements Company

Improved revenue capture by 40% within the first 30 days.

A Fitness Apparel Company
6 keywords

Ranked 6 keywords in the top 5 in 90 days.


Paid Management

High ROI with a full-fledge paid Campaign

SEM pay-per-click campaigns allow you to produce a quick-returning ROI. We support this strategy by utilizing brand name searches for a higher conversion rate while testing non-branded strategies to expand your customer base. We provide a unique and custom approach tailored to each client and market that typically delivers positive results in 45 – 60 days with an existing Google Ads campaign. Best of all, we work on all paid search channels because we know that every customer base is different, allowing us to be versatile in our approach.

The best part? Unlike other agencies, we work on all paid search channels because we know that every customer base is different, allowing us to be versatile in our approach.


Content Management

Original, relevant content for your health and wellness brand and products

Whether your brand and tone are more niche or you’re a larger company looking to target a wider audience, your partnership with VELOX includes access to our dedicated team of content writers and specialists. Steady, organic content has never been more important, and as they work to create relevant high-quality pieces for your health and wellness marketing campaigns, you’re free to keep and distribute them as you see fit. Need more material for your company blog? Our articles will work to attract new customers and clients to your products. Looking to beef up your company newsletter or social media channels? We’ll provide company spotlights that you can use to boost engagement with your target audience.

Your health and wellness marketing strategy begins with a kick-off call between our team and yours, wherein you can tell us exactly what you want or don’t want with regards to syndication. Best of all, we’ll send you monthly batches of content throughout the campaign, giving you the final say on any feedback or changes you want made to voice, tone, or direction.

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