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Expand your reach and acquire new customers for your health & wellness brand with a custom SEO & SEM strategy hyper-focused on your ideal target audience

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Revenue-Focused Digital Marketing For Health and Wellness

Did you know the health & wellness industry accounts for $3.7 trillion? How much of that revenue are you capturing right now?

The wellness industry is a highly-competitive landscape saturated with companies trying to become the next market success. We have worked closely with high-end wellness brands and their diverse range of products and collections to increase their revenue across the board. Their improved rankings have established our worth in acquiring new customers and surpassing revenue goals in the health & wellness industry.

We collaborate with health and wellness clients whose mission is to create a lifestyle around their brand, while curating high-quality products to help their customers thrive.

We can help you drive revenue

Paid Management

SEM pay-per-click campaigns allow you to produce a quick-returning ROI. We support this strategy by utilizing brand name searches for a higher conversion rate while testing non-branded strategies to expand your customer base. We provide a unique and custom approach tailored to each client and market that typically delivers positive results in 45 – 60 days with an existing AdWords campaign.

The best part? Unlike other agencies, we work on all paid search channels because we know that every customer base is different, allowing us to be versatile in our approach.

Organic Search

In a $3.7 trillion-dollar industry, organic search is the largest acquisition channel to bring you the highest ROI. We have a committed team that is focused on research-based strategies to provide an accurate and attainable campaign to greatly surpass your original revenue goals! We operate on a transparent landscape by providing monthly reports. We pride ourselves on being transparent and are quick to respond to any questions or concerns in order to ensure a successful campaign long term.

What kind of wellness companies do we work with?

Organic Products

We have experience in working with niche-focused audiences whose goal is to expand their audience reach, broaden brand awareness, and acquire new revenue. Marketing organic products and food takes industry knowledge and experience. Working with an agency partner willing to do the research and custom strategy is crucial to a successful campaign.


Take your fitness company to the next level by using an omni-channel approach to marketing. Implementing SEO & SEM strategies into your current marketing plan will allow for a quick profit via AdWords and a long-term ROI through SEO. Whether you design fitness apparel, or own a gym or wellness center brand, finding an experienced marketing agency whose online strategy aligns with your goals is pertinent to continuous growth.



In this day and age, health and wellness are becoming an interest and priority for the majority of the population. Everyone wants to be a part of the next big trend. Whether it’s cryotherapy, healthy meal delivery, or even self-care, this industry has the potential to reach across different age groups and beyond gendered markets. Implementing high-performing marketing channels will help drive your health and wellness company above and beyond revenue expectations of past years.