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Global small arms sales are expected to reach $9.6 billion by 2026, with a strong focus on self-defense and gun education driving growth in the civilian sector. At the same time, roughly 10 million new gun owners joined millions of other gun enthusiasts in their need for quality ammunition. For businesses looking to sell firearms and ammunition online, the need for effective, compliant digital marketing strategies has never been higher. As a Google Premier Partner, VELOX Media has the tools and experience necessary to help your firearms business promote responsible ownership, with industry-proven methods to engage customers and capture valuable new revenue in the process. From high-quality content marketing to paid advertising, link building, and web development, learn how VELOX can optimize your marketing strategies for greater online visibility, conversions, and sales.


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Organic Search Campaigns

Boost Web Traffic and Sales with an Organic Search Campaign

As more consumers research guns and ammunition vendors online, having a well-crafted SEO strategy is key to making sure your brand tops the results. As an SEO agency specializing in digital marketing, we’ll use our knowledge of the firearms industry, extensive research, and SEO expertise to create compliant marketing strategies that will draw in new potential customers, drive higher conversion rates, and surpass your revenue goals.

Your marketing strategy should be as unique to the brand as your products are. By targeting the right keywords, we can help your firearms brand build authority in the industry, engage your customers, and drive more qualified traffic to your site. Our SEO team has extensive experience marketing guns and ammunition products, and we’ll use that expertise to craft a thoughtful, personalized campaign to help you climb the ranks in organic search results.

Proven Results

A Survival Gear Brand

Ranked 3 keywords on the Top 3 within 40 days of management

A Fishing Apparel Brand

Ranked 4 keywords in the top 10 within 9 months of management


Content Management

High-quality, Relevant Content for Your Guns and Ammunition Business

From tips on gun safety to recommendations on the best firearms for home defense, gun enthusiasts are always eager to consume relevant, high-quality content, especially if it helps to educate them on new brands, products, or changes within the industry. At the same time, this type of knowledgeable, engaging content is crucial to establishing your brand as an authoritative voice in the gun industry. By partnering with VELOX Media, you gain access to an experienced team of writers and editors who will work to learn more about your guns and ammo brand, the products you offer, and your chosen brand voice.

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