How To Maximize Your Investment in Organic Search

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So what’s ranking #1 on Google really going to cost you?

You already know that SEO is an integral part of any digital marketing strategy. You want to include it — you just need a better idea of what it’s going to cost you.

There’s no fixed magic number. Depending on your needs, SEO can be managed in-house or by partnering with a digital marketing agency like VELOX. Learn how we apply our strategy, ROI-focused algorithms, and revenue contribution to drive massive growth for SMBs to enterprises, and even ourselves. Combining decades of experience in technical SEO, content marketing, and link building, we’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the most iconic brands over the years.


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Clients We Have Helped

We are Focused On Your Goals

We are Beauty and Skincare Experts. We can help you outrank your competitors.

Paid Advertising8 Opportunities
Technical SEO8 Opportunities
On Page SEO10 Opportunities
Paid Social5 Opportunities

Organic Search Campaigns

Increase Revenue with an Organic Search Campaign

Every day someone navigates to a search engine to discover their new favorite products. Having a well-crafted SEO strategy is key to making sure your brand tops the results. We’ll use our industry knowledge, extensive research, and SEO expertise to customize marketing strategies that will draw in new potential customers, drive higher conversion rates, and ultimately break your revenue goals.

Our SEO team has extensive experience promoting products and implementing marketing strategies. We’ll use our expertise to craft a thoughtful, personalized campaign to help you rise up the ranks in organic search results.

Proven Results

A Luxury Beauty Brand
8 Keywords

Ranked 8 keywords on the first page, and achieved 15.5X ROAS in the 3rd quarter of management.

A Handtruck Company
10 Keywords

We drove 10 keywords to the 1st page in 6 months, and generated $76k per month in revenue.

A Casual Lifestyle Brand
9.14X ROAS

Averaged a 9.14X ROAS and a 400%+ increase in revenue YoY.


Content Management

Create Original, Relevant Content for Your Brand and Products

Knowledgeable, engaging content is crucial to illustrating what makes a brand stand out. When you partner with VELOX, you get a dedicated team with expertise in creating original, relevant content just for your brand and products. Our team of writers and editors will incorporate your targeted keywords and landing pages, then syndicate the pieces for you across key placements on the web.

Getting your name out there is only part of it — having articles and company spotlights featured on sites your target audience already reads will bring qualified traffic to your organization, increasing the likelihood of conversion and building authority and brand loyalty.

Link Building

Build a Robust Backlink Profile

The difference between us and everyone else is simple: What we do works, and we have the case studies to prove it.

VELOX uses proprietary techniques coupled with trusted industry metrics to ensure the process is working. If it’s not, we make adjustments to achieve the best strategy possible. And when it works, the results are clear. You’ll see dramatic improvements in your search results rankings over time, as well as more visitors to your site. Not only will your traffic increase in volume, but the quality of visitors will improve, driving more conversions and boosting revenue.

Our team is outfitted with experts in everything from creating high-quality, genuine content to implementing the perfect paid media campaign and more. We communicate openly and proactively across departments to ensure each piece of the machine is firing on all cylinders. We also communicate with you regularly, staying up to date on your goals and priorities, as well as keeping you in the loop on how things are working.

Our method is successful because we don’t focus on a single aspect of digital marketing. We believe in a holistic strategy, incorporating all the elements of perfecting an online presence.

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