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The United States’ swimwear market is the leading market in the world. Did you know that the market value of swimwear products 29.1 billion U.S. dollars by 2025? The U.S. generated $47 million in revenue in 2019.
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A client

In 2 months ranked all managed keywords on the 1st page of Google, and ranked 1 keyword in the top 5 related to "swim gear" in 4 months.

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85-90% of users will not click on an ad.


9/10 users never search past the first page of Google Search Results.


Online ads increase brand awareness by 80%

What We Can Offer To Your Swimwear Industry Marketing Strategies.

Organic Search

  • A custom-built organic strategy to build your perfect audience
  • A targeted keyword campaign tailored to your goals
  • Monthly SEO + Keyword reports
  • Detailed SEO recommendations for your site
  • Guaranteed revenue growth

Paid Management

  • A custom campaign built around your ROAS goals
  • Daily optimizations from an award-winning team
  • Positive revenue within the first 45-60 days
  • Monthly paid performance reports
  • A custom strategy for Google Ads, Facebook/Instagram or Pinterest

Offsite Content Creation

  • A dedicated content writer researching + creating high-quality content – just for your SEO campaign.
  • Custom Swimwear advertising content that is yours to own and use.
  • Monthly batches of content that align with your brand.

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Award-Winning Google Premier Partner Agency

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What We Can Offer To Your Swimwear Marketing Plan.

Organic Search

Perfecting SEO For Your Swimwear Brand

As an ROI-focused digital marketing agency and Google Premier Partner, VELOX Media is dedicated to helping your business attain and surpass its revenue goals. We use proven, research-based swimwear marketing strategies to help our clients find more ways to drive new customer acquisition, and we understand what it takes to ensure long-term success in this 6.74 billion-dollar industry. When you partner with us, you gain not only a team of SEO specialists, but black and white proof that our model works, with targeted projections based on your company’s performance and transparent, monthly reports on the status of your campaigns.

Rank on the 1st page in Google with your Swimwear Brand
Paid Management

Creative Campaigns suited for your Swimwear Company

When it comes to your pay-per-click campaigns, VELOX provides an equally versatile approach. Our PPC specialists focus on quick-returning ROI using a combination of brand name searches and non-branded strategies to increase your conversions and customer base. Likewise, we understand that your business is as unique as the products you sell, which is why we’ll work to provide you with a customized approach designed to deliver positive results within 45-60 days of an existing Adwords campaign.

Customize your swimwear marketing strategy with expert PPC Management
Content Management with VELOX Media
Content Management

High-Quality Content For Your Swimwear Brand

Whether your brand and tone are more niche or you’re a larger company targeting a wider audience, your partnership with VELOX includes access to our dedicated team of content writers and specialists. Steady, organic content has never been more important, and as they work to create relevant high-quality pieces for your SEO campaign, you’re free to keep and distribute them as you see fit. Need more material for your company blog? Our articles will do wonders towards attracting new customers and clients to your products. Hope to beef up your company newsletter or social media? We provide company spotlights that you can use to boost engagement with your target audience.

Wondering how we do it? It’s simple. Your swimwear marketing strategy begins with a kick-off call between our team and yours, wherein you can tell us exactly what you want or don’t want with regards to syndication. Best of all, we’ll send you monthly batches of content throughout the campaign, giving you the final say on any feedback or changes you want made to voice, tone, or direction.

Complement Your Brand Voice with High-Quality Off-Page Content
Web Development
Web Development and Implementation

Optimizing For A User-Friendly Experience

At VELOX Media, we understand that your website is the cornerstone of your business. That’s why our talented web specialists work to provide you with a user-friendly and conversion-friendly design to improve and optimize that process. Using cutting-edge tools and SEO best practices, we help simplify your sales funnel, boosting the performance of your website across all channels. From faster load times to search and content-optimized landing pages, your website has never looked or performed better.

Optimize Your Swimwear Site Structure for More Conversions

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