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August 7, 2023

3 Ways to Demonstrate the Value of Digital Strategies to the C-Suite

You don’t need to perform calculus to understand that digital marketing is more valuable than ever, especially SEO—even as Google’s Search Generative Experience or Microsoft’s Bing Chat have industry professionals wondering if SEO is dead in 2023.

Worldwide, the SEO industry is expected to reach nearly $235 billion by the end of the decade. It’s perhaps the single clearest sign that digital strategies, including organic search, PPC, and on-page optimization, are still vital to enterprise businesses focused on long-term growth. 

However, convincing your company’s C-suite to see the light when it comes to organic search-focused digital marketing strategies requires a more dynamic presentation and greater detail. You’ll also need to tailor your approach in order to appeal to different decision-makers based on their roles, perspectives, and experiences. 

If you’ve decided your business can benefit from targeted search campaigns, real-time insights, and better ROAS, here’s how you can make your case to the decision-makers in the C-suite.

How Can Digital Marketing Strategies Benefit Your Organization?

A table listing the typical stakeholders in digital marketing campaigns.

Brands steeped in eCommerce are already familiar with the value of digital strategies. In fact, these brands might already focus solely on these strategies and marketing channels. 

But in legacy industries, C-suites may be less inclined to embrace the latest digital strategies in favor of “what’s worked in the past,” i.e., traditional advertising channels. 

In a digitally transformed world, this type of apprehension can imperil the entire organization. 

For an example of the damage that sitting on one’s hands can do, just look to legacy news publishers, particularly newspapers in small and mid-size markets. 

It’s been a decade of “adapt or die” for these content marketers, bleakly illustrating the point that if your customers can get what they’re looking for on-demand from another source, they’ll do so without any concern for your bottom line. 

And that brings us to arguably the ultimate advantage of any digital marketing strategy—instead of waiting and hoping that audiences will come to you (or hoping your existing customers stay loyal), you can put your brand directly in front of new, existing, and potential customers wherever they are online.

Reach Customers Wherever They Are

Regardless of their preferred social platforms, search engines, or default browsers, optimal digital marketing performance lets you reach the customers that spend and convert most, helping you maximize your return on ad spend.

This concept of reaching customers where they are doesn’t just apply in a geographic or virtual sense—delivering the right message to users at the right moment in their customer journey is key to improving CTRs and conversions and driving new revenue. 

While traditional advertising can be effective in certain circumstances, these formats don’t hold a candle to the dynamic messaging and targeting ability of modern digital marketing strategies, and the revenue numbers speak for themselves. 

Digital Marketing Provides Superior Revenue Attribution 

Maximizing your ROAS requires accurate attribution. 

After all, if you don’t know where your conversions are coming from or why users are abandoning their carts, how can you optimize your campaigns to maximize conversions?

If this point sounds extremely simple, that’s because it is. 

Digital marketing tools such as eCommerce shops or Google Analytics 4 provide data and trend analysis you just can’t get out of a broadcast campaign. 

The benefits of precise attribution go beyond campaign optimization. When you combine this visibility with a keen understanding of the ROI of SEO and a tailored digital marketing strategy, you can glean insights to inform the direction of your business as well as the pace of your growth.

Mix and Match Digital Strategies to Optimize Digital Marketing Performance

While traditional advertising methods are fairly static, digital marketing strategies are dynamic, customizable, and modular. 

Not every tactic is right for every business at every stage, which is why award-winning digital marketing agencies create made-to-order campaigns for your company based on your unique circumstances. 

For example, while an effective organic search campaign will deliver exponential and lasting results over time, a startup wanting to capture site traffic quickly to get revenue flowing would also want to leverage PPC for immediate visibility.

In a few months, as organic efforts gain traction and conversion rates pick up, a CMO can reevaluate their PPC campaign, likely reallocating more spend toward organic campaigns since they deliver a considerably higher ROI. 

We’ve covered some undeniable advantages of digital marketing strategies thus far, but a message is only as strong as its delivery. With this in mind, here’s how you can most effectively inform the decision-makers in your C-suite.

Tailor Your Message to Your Audience

A table listing the roles and responsibilities of stakeholders in a marketing campaign.


Knowing your audience and addressing them appropriately is one of the basics of marketing. It’s also critical when demonstrating the value of digital strategies to decision-makers in your organization. 

Depending on who you might need to meet with, you need a specific pitch tailored to their perspective, goals, needs, and responsibilities within the organization. In other words, make sure they know what’s in it for them. A personalized approach is essential for receiving buy-in from the C-suite.

The product adoption and R&D concerns you’d cover with the CTO likely wouldn’t be top of mind for the CFO, who would be more interested in forecasting and allocating SEO spend

Meanwhile, in your meeting with the CEO, you’d want to focus on the top-line performance of a digital marketing strategy and the overall benefits to the organization. 

When pitching digital strategies like SEO, it’s wise to illustrate their value in the way most relevant to each stakeholder. 

Similarly, should your business adopt a digital marketing strategy, your reporting should be tailored to each member of the C-suite based on their role. This will maximize clarity and save time. It also ensures that everyone remains on board with your new initiatives. Just like any marketing strategy, SEO, PPC, and technical optimizations require ongoing work and investment. 

The first few months can be especially critical, so keep these decision-makers in the loop and ensure they understand the progress and success of the campaign. 

Focus on Digital Strategies That Add Immediate Value

Whether you’re an enterprise-level eCommerce brand or a fledgling app developer, you know what to do next to keep growing. 

Because the world of digital marketing is so versatile, with a wide range of strategies and tools, you can always identify an efficient method for enhancing your company’s online visibility and taking that all-important next step. 

Perhaps the most futile thing a marketer can do is attempt to sell someone a product or service they don’t need. 

It’s as true internally as it is externally, which is why your digital marketing pitch to the C-suite should focus on the tools and techniques that will contribute the most immediate value to your business. 

Covering these items narrowly will help stakeholders see the advantages of digital marketing and make decisions that will have a tangible impact on your organization. 

This is why you should focus on digital marketing strategies and service providers that emphasize revenue results. 

No matter who you meet with, decision-makers want to know about dollars and cents. The best strategies can generate provable new revenue and provide immediate value to your organization’s bottom line.

Maximize Online Revenue with VELOX Media’s Proven Digital Strategies

Whether you’re just getting started with digital marketing strategies or want to take your online visibility to the next level, the right partner can make all the difference. 

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