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Book more demos with the right digital marketing tactics specific to software companies. At VELOX, we are experts in omnichannel marketing for SaaS companies looking to target niche audiences. Our clients see an average of +40% increase in qualified leads with an average 65% decrease in CAC.


A SaaS SEO Agency That Knows How to Get New Users

Every software platform solves a unique challenge. That’s why we work with you to drill into your target audience and identify how they’re searching online for software solutions. From there, we use first-party data to develop the right strategy to hit your revenue targets inclusive of CTR, CLTV, CAC and, most importantly, ROI. Once your campaign is launched, we’ll integrate content marketing with link-building and paid media to maximize visibility and convert qualified traffic into new customers.

It’s imperative to run the right marketing channels for your target market. By leveraging rigorous A/B split testing, we can quickly identify which channels will perform the best for your target market segments. At VELOX, we provide our clients with a personalized approach to lead generation, ensuring they crush their KPIs and build a lasting foundation of revenue capture.

Interested in knowing what your competition is doing? So are we. In addition to buyer-intent search analysis, we analyze the top 10 competitors monthly to determine how they are performing in comparison to our clients and market leaders. We monitor metrics like traffic, ranking, backlink profiles, and more. In turn, this helps us keep our clients at the top of Google searches and ahead of the competition.

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Our SaaS Digital Marketing Services

Lead Generation & Paid Media Management

Running a robust pay-per-click campaign strategy across multiple channels will increase brand awareness and strengthen your lead generation efforts. We provide a unique approach to running ad campaigns where each is uniquely tailored to every single client and includes daily campaign optimization. We’ll never “set it and forget it,” as a live paid media specialist will be running your accounts seven days a week. Our SaaS clients see the best lead generation results when running paid advertising on:

  • Google Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • Pinterest Ads
  • YouTube
  • Podcasts
  • Dynamic Display Networks

SaaS SEO Best Practices

Simply put, 91% of people do not scroll past the first page of search results. If you’re not ranking in the top 10 organic search results on Google, you’re losing out on new clients. Our team of SEO Analysts and organic search experts will evaluate the technical SEO of your site and create a roadmap for improving metadata. The VELOX syndication and R&D teams will simultaneously monitor and adjust link-building strategies to satisfy Google’s AI algorithm and proactively maintain and improve keyword rankings.



To hit Google’s top-ranking signals, your business needs world-class content and a lot of it. At VELOX Media, our writers and editors are SaaS experts and know just how to write about your specific industry. Each dedicated writer works with your internal brand teams and other agency partners to create fresh, high-quality articles, blogs, company spotlights, and more. While we send this SEO-optimized content through our network of publishers, your internal team can use it to build up a library of on-site blogs. In short, we do 100% of the work and you own 100% of the content.

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When it comes to building a SaaS user base, it’s crucial to have a clear and cohesive digital strategy or else you’ll quickly lose market share and fall behind the competition. Our digital marketing experts align campaigns with corporate goals, creating an action plan tailored to your KPIs. From keyword research to website analysis and content creation, a winning strategy is central to everything we do. This includes upfront user research, target audience identification, KPI definitions, campaign timelines, analytics audits, and more.

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Each enterprise has unique KPIs. VELOX focuses on what matters most to your business. We define success on your terms and identify the steps that will get you there. Before we launch any campaign, we ensure its success through a multi-disciplinary approach. This includes upfront user research, target audience identification, KPI definitions, campaign timelines, analytics audits, and more.

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Search Marketing

When paired with an organic SEO strategy, a well-executed PPC campaign can deliver immediate revenue wins. As Google places more dynamic SERP elements above the fold, organic listings become less immediately visible. VELOX’s PPC experts identify new keyword opportunities to target these powerful paid visibility features. Not only that, we can place dynamic paid content across the full spectrum of search, display and video result elements. Our search management team optimizes PPC campaigns on a daily basis.

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Are you ready for VELOX to take your B2B business to the next level? For 10+ years, VELOX has built and run SEO and PPC campaigns of all shapes and sizes. We’ll get your name at the top of organic search and ad positioning–view our case study below to understand just how much that can impact your business. 

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