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For a successful beauty campaign online, it’s essential that you get your brand in front of the right audience to ensure that your products truly resonate with them. As a beauty and skincare digital marketing agency, VELOX Media’s team of SEO experts provide data-driven insights into your cosmetics and skincare customers to help you reach them in the right way. Read more below about how we can improve your brand’s revenue with a specialized beauty and skincare digital campaign.

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We Know What It Takes To Increase Sales In The Digital Beauty Market

The global skincare market is projected to reach 180 billion dollars by 2024. The cosmetic products market is projected to reach 805.6 billion dollars by 2023—up from 523.4 billion in 2017. How are you planning to stand out and connect with consumers in such a massive and competitive market?

Lucky for you, we’ve got this industry down to a science.

The beauty and skincare industry is heavily saturated with thousands of companies trying to be the next big thing. We’re experts at crafting personalized digital strategies to help you stand above the rest, drive new customer revenue, and take your brand to the next level.

At VELOX Media, we develop custom campaigns for high-profile beauty and skincare clients, with made-to-measure digital campaigns that drive new customer revenue and strengthen brand awareness and organic search. Connect with us to work with a beauty and skincare digital marketing agency that ranks in the top 3% of agencies worldwide. Using SEO, paid media, and a variety of digital channels, VELOX Media builds a robust marketing strategy and cultivates an alluring online presence for beauty and skincare companies.

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How Do We Make All This Happen?

Beauty and Skincare Paid Media

Pay-per-click campaigns are especially important for the beauty and skincare industry because you want to reach your audience while they’re in a shopping mood, and you want to mimic that in-store shopping experience at the same time. They can capitalize on brand name and non-branded searches, targeting users when they’re in the right disposition to buy. We have a unique approach to Google Ads campaigns—each is uniquely tailored to every single client, and proven to show positive results within 45-60 days of an existing Google Ads campaign. We work on all paid platforms because every customer base and demographic profile is different, allowing us to be versatile and innovative in our approach.

Beauty Paid Management Strategies | VELOX Media

Skincare and Beauty SEO

When it comes to SEO optimization, page two is simply out of the question. In fact, for 91% of consumers, failing to catch them on page one likely means failing to catch them at all. Beauty is all about visibility, and your digital marketing should mimic that approach. As organic search provides the highest ROI results and is the largest acquisition channel, SEO is something you can’t afford to ignore. Drive new customers to your site with a personalized campaign tailored to your brand’s needs, voice, and target audience. At VELOX Media, you can expect consistent communication from our dedicated account managers about your campaign’s progress every step of the way.

Beauty Organic Search | VELOX

Creative Services for Beauty Brands

Beauty, skincare, and cosmetics brands often rely on tone and lifestyle appeal to entice sales, as brand identity is vital to building an audience.

Any inconsistency in branding can hurt your B2B marketing efforts. VELOX helps you define your brand’s pillars and communicate them to your target audience in a way that truly resonates with them.

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Beauty Creative Management | VELOX

Digital Marketing Strategy

At VELOX Media, we understand that every brand is unique, requiring a unique solution to fit their industry and goals. We base our beauty and skincare campaigns on data-driven insights for a strategic process, and we always ensure online clarity.

Our expert consultants learn how your company defines success, create action plans tailored to your KPIs, and help you achieve your business objectives. From keyword research to website analysis and content creation, your custom strategy is central to everything we do

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Beauty Digital Strategy | VELOX


KPIs are unique to the needs of your business. We start with what a win looks like for your campaign and build from there. Before we launch any campaign, we ensure its success through a proven, multi-disciplinary approach. This includes upfront user research, target audience identification, KPI definitions, campaign timelines, analytics audits, and more.

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Beauty Enterprise Marketing | VELOX

Search Marketing

Products need to be seen to be sold. For beauty and skincare campaigns, we often prioritize getting you above the fold of a Google search, with eyes on you, as quickly as possible. VELOX’s paid media experts identify new keyword opportunities to target these powerful paid visibility features. Not only that, we can place dynamic paid content across the full spectrum of search, display and video result elements. Our search management team optimizes paid media campaigns on a daily basis.

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Beauty Search Marketing | VELOX

The beauty and skincare industry is heavily saturated with thousands of companies trying to be the next big thing. We’re experts at crafting personalized digital strategies to help drive new customer revenue and take your brand to the next level. Contact VELOX today to learn more about our processes and experience–and be sure to read the case study below to see what we can do for your beauty brand.

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Our Beauty and Skincare Case Studies


Captured one #1 ranking and one #5 ranking in 90 days with beauty & skincare digital marketing services.

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Beauty, Cosmetics, E-Commerce

Increased their new revenue in 8 months with a cosmetics digital marketing agency.

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