Get smarter digital strategy, expert research tailored to grow your KPIs.

Driving online growth that exceeds expectations is a massive challenge and requires a made-to-order approach.

  • Search & KPI dashboards
  • Search template optimization
  • Enterprise SEO audit

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Get smarter digital strategy, expert research tailored to grow your KPIs.

Driving online growth that exceeds expectations is a massive challenge and requires a made-to-order approach.

  • Search & KPI dashboards
  • Search template optimization
  • Enterprise SEO audit

+1 866 324 8899



Personalized Digital Insights from ROI Experts

Pave the Way to Clarity with an Expert Consultation

Without a clear, cohesive digital strategy, you’ll lose out to the competition.

VELOX Media creates and ensures online clarity. Our expert consultants learn how your company defines success, create action plans tailored to your KPIs and help you achieve your business objectives.

ROI digital marketing
Leave Competitors in the Dust

With a cohesive digital strategy, you’ll outrun your competition.

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  • Digital Business & Operations
  • Customer Insights
  • Market Analysis & Trends
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Customer Acquisition Analysis
  • Digital Service Development
  • Marketing Plans
  • Product Launch Plans
  • eCommerce Strategy
  • eCommerce Optimization

Types Of Questions We Ask

  • What is your annual revenue/ROI goal for your marketing campaigns?
  • Which business objectives need more digital support?
  • Which products do you want to increase organic interest in?

Digital marketing, marketing analytics, and omni-channel marketing were identified as 3 of the largest organizational capability gaps in 2017. Let VELOX help you fill them in.

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Know Who & What Drives Your Business

From Visibility and Understanding to Insights and Action

To understand the buyer’s journey of your customers, you don’t need to track every page view and click. Instead, you need to identify the metrics and indicators that affect your online presence. These will help you improve lead acquisition, revenue and customer retention.

It’s easy to create a fancy dashboard that drowns decision-makers in high volumes of data. VELOX does more than that. Our trained analysts don’t just understand data collection best practices; they know how to translate the right KPIs into actionable adjustments of your content stack.

With VELOX’s tools and talent, your analytics become the foundation of your next high-ROI campaign.

Providing custom marketing strategy to enterprises and small businesses

Informed Changes to Your Online Presence

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Types Of Questions We Ask

  • When was your last analytics audit? Within 6 months?
  • Which key business activities do you need to measure?
  • Which KPIs do division stakeholders need to know?
  • What would you do in response to a 10% shift (positive or negative) in a KPI?
  • Can your current agency run a cost analysis on targeted keyword phrases?


  • Analytics Audits
  • Data Collection & Analytics Best Practices
  • Customer Base Analytics
  • Key Metrics & Performance Indicator Identification
  • Audience Demographics & Advanced Targeting
  • Customer Acquisition Cost Analysis
  • Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) Analysis
  • eCommerce Analytics
  • Market Growth Rate
  • KPI Dashboards
  • Google Partners Certified (Analytics)

Organizations are planning to increase their marketing analytics investment by 375% over the next 3–5 years. Don’t risk investing in the wrong analytics approach. Choose VELOX and get the right outcome for your business.

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Identify & Optimize Your Factors For Success

If You Optimize It, They Will Convert

To optimize conversions, you need to combine crucial data points with a strong understanding of customer motivations and behavior.

VELOX’s conversion optimization specialists excel at improving site structure and analyzing critical paths. We can insert value-positive interactions into your acquisition funnels.

Increasing your conversion rate by just 0.5% can do wonders for your key business objectives. VELOX improves acquisition funnels to drive real-world revenue increases.

Conversion optimization for enterprises and small businesses
Optimize, Convert, Succeed

Understand, Identify & Remove Customer Friction to Create a Fluid UX

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  • Conversion Analytics/Tracking
  • Customer Demographics/Research
  • Conversion Funnel Analysis
  • Conversion Page Analysis
  • Content Analysis
  • Web Form Analysis
  • Technical Analysis/Page Load Optimization
  • Site Navigation & Structure
  • Call-to-Action (CTA) Improvements
  • A/B Testing
  • Heat Maps
  • Advanced Ad Copy

Types Of Questions We Ask

  • What’s the current conversion rate for your campaign/site?
  • What percentage of inbound leads does your Sales team close?
  • Which areas of concern/friction exist in your conversion funnel?
  • What are your internal resources for executing a conversion optimization strategy?

Only 52% of companies perform content tests on their landing pages to improve conversion rates. VELOX can help you increase real-world revenue gains through your existing funnels.

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Energize Your Content, Motivate Your Users

Create Content that Speaks to Your Audience

Content is the backbone of your online presence. Without an outcome-oriented content strategy in place, fewer people will enter your acquisition funnels. Fewer eyes on your content mean fewer conversions.

VELOX specializes in Optimizing Content for Discovery and Conversion (OC/DC). This hybrid discipline amplifies the reach and outcomes of content creation. Our content team can handle both onsite keyword placement and off-site optimization.

A properly executed content strategy can make the difference between succeeding in your vertical and getting buried in second-tier SERP results. Let VELOX help you do it right.

Content marketing solutions
Outcome-Oriented Strategy

is the crucial step on the road to success


Types Of Questions We Ask

  • What do you want your content to accomplish in the next 6-12 months?
  • Do you have existing user research and/or buyer personas to guide content creation?
  • Do you know your competitors’ content strategies and topic-based funnels?
  • What do your target consumers read/do online?
  • What is your strategy for distribution of content formats (text, images, video content)?


  • Buyer Persona Development
  • Journey Mapping
  • Brand Strategy
  • Style Guidelines
  • SEO Guidelines
  • Content Audits
  • Content Models
  • Taxonomy & Metadata Development
  • Content Management System (CMS) Modeling
  • User-Generated Content (UGC)
  • Copywriting
  • Custom Imagery/Infographics
  • Social Media Content

Organizations plan to increase their marketing analytics investment by 375% over the next 3-5 years. Don’t make a mistake with your analytics. Leverage your data for greater ROI with VELOX’s help.