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As the owner of a fashion brand, you are well aware of the critical role that a flawless online presence plays in the success of your business. Your digital marketing strategy must not only convey your brand’s tone and evoke your unique style but also keep pace with the ever-changing trends of the fashion industry.

At VELOX Media, we take a data-driven approach to fashion marketing, using analytics and consumer insights to identify trends and opportunities. We stay ahead of the curve by adapting our strategies to ensure that your fashion brand remains relevant and appealing to your target audience. Find out how we have doubled the customer base of our fashion clients in 6-12 months.

Fashion Digital Marketing Agency

We Know What It Takes To Increase Sales In The Digital Fashion Industry.

By 2025, the U.S. fashion market is expected to reach 285 billion dollars. With so many brands in the space, consumers have more choices than ever. It’s imperative that your fashion brand stands out in organic search and paid media ads if you’re going to go from an option to the number one choice.

Every clothing or fashion campaign starts from scratch and is as unique to your brand as the pieces you curate. Our fashion marketing experts are ready to analyze your target consumer and develop a custom strategy that not only reaches them, but engages them and compels them to action. Our results speak for themselves, and typically, we double our clients’ customer bases in only 6-12 months.

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Our Fashion Marketing Case Studies

Apparel, Fashion, SEO

Outranked Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom on a competitive keyword with a Fashion Digital Marketing Agency.

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Apparel, Fashion, Footwear

Outranked retailers like DSW, Macy's, Zappos with VELOX, a fashion digital marketing company.

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Apparel, E-Commerce, Fashion

Reached 10.6 ROAS in 6 months with VELOX.

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How Do We Make All This Happen?

Uniquely Tailored Online Advertising for Your Fashion Business

In the fashion industry, your pay-per-click campaigns are the first step towards a faster ROI–they are also a great way to capitalize on both your branded searches and non-branded searches in order to attract a larger customer base.

As an innovative fashion marketing agency, we have a unique approach to Google Ads campaigns—each is uniquely tailored to every single client, and proven to show positive results within 45-60 days of an existing Google Ads campaign. We work on all paid platforms because every customer base and demographic profile is different, allowing us to be versatile and innovative in our approach.

Fashion Paid Management

Experts in Fashion Industry SEO

No matter the industry, 75% of people do not look past the first page of search results and if your fashion brand isn’t visible, potential revenue is left on the table. As organic search provides the highest ROI results and is the largest acquisition channel, Search Engine Optimization is something you can’t afford to ignore. Drive new customers to your site via a personalized campaign tailored to your brand’s needs, voice, and target audience.

A dedicated team of fashion marketing experts will analyze your site, your competitors’ sites, and search landscapes based on campaign keywords that drive revenue, all on a monthly basis, so your brand is always ahead of the curve. And don’t worry; communication and transparency are paramount to us, so we ensure that you’re with us every step of the way with monthly check-ins and reports.

Fashion Organic Search Engine Marketing Agency

A Creative Approach, Built For Your Target Audience

When it comes to marketing in the fashion industry, being creative and having a truly impressionable brand identity is an absolute necessity. You need to distinguish yourself from your competitors and catch the eye of potential customers.

Any inconsistency in branding can hurt your B2B and B2C marketing efforts. VELOX Media helps you define your brand’s pillars and communicate them to your target audience.

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Fashion Creative Management

A Digital Strategy That Drives Results

A clear and cohesive digital strategy is crucial for the success of your fashion brand. At VELOX Media, our goal is to create and maintain a strong online presence that outperforms the competition.

Our expert consultants learn how your company defines success, create action plans tailored to your KPIs, and help you achieve your business objectives. From keyword research to website analysis and content creation, your custom strategy is central to everything we do.

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Fashion Digital Strategy


Each enterprise has unique KPIs, and if you aren’t focused on the right ones for your fashion campaign–it can end up costing you a lot of time and money. VELOX focuses on what matters most to your business. Before we launch any campaign, we ensure its success through a multi-disciplinary approach. This includes upfront user research, target audience identification, KPI definitions, campaign timelines, analytics audits, and more.

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Fashion Enterprise Marketing

Search Marketing for Retail Brands

Search marketing is a key component when working in the fashion industry. When paired with an organic SEO strategy, a well-executed paid media campaign can deliver immediate revenue wins–and the more product you push, the more your brand name gets out. As Google places more and more dynamic SERP elements above the fold, organic listings become less immediately visible.

VELOX’s paid media experts identify new keyword opportunities to target these powerful paid visibility features. Not only that, we can place dynamic paid content across the full spectrum of search, display and video result elements. Our search management team optimizes paid media campaigns on a daily basis.

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Fashion Search Marketing

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