Health and Wellness Digital Marketing Agency

VELOX Media has a proven track record in the Health and Wellness industry: weight loss, digestive help, sleep optimization, natural beauty and more. Consumers have near-infinite choices for health and wellness products online. Read about how we can make your business the first choice below!paid

Health and Wellness Digital Marketing Agency

We Know What It Takes To Increase Sales In The Health And Wellness Industry

Did you know the health & wellness industry accounts for $3.7 trillion? How much of that revenue are you capturing right now?

The wellness industry is a highly-competitive landscape saturated with companies trying to become the next market success. We work closely with high-end wellness brands and their diverse range of products and collections to increase their revenue across the board. Their custom campaigns lead to improved rankings establish our expertise in acquiring new customers: We surpass revenue goals in the health & wellness industry.

VELOX Media collaborates with health and wellness clients whose mission is to create a lifestyle around their brand, while curating high-quality products to help their customers thrive.

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Health and Wellness Brands We Have Helped

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How We Dominate the Health and Wellness Market

Paid Media

Everyone cares about their health–that’s why the demographics in the health industry can be so wide-ranging. Luckily for you, we work on all paid platforms because every customer base and demographic profile is different, allowing us to be versatile and innovative in our approach. Pay-per-click campaigns drive a faster ROI while capitalizing on brand name searches as well as non-branded campaigns in order to expand your customer base. We have a unique approach to Google Ads campaigns—each is uniquely tailored to every single client, and proven to show positive results within 45-60 days of an existing Google Ads campaign. We work on all paid platforms because every customer base and demographic profile is different, allowing us to be versatile and innovative in our approach.

Health and Wellness Paid Management

Organic Search

It’s known that nowadays 91% of people do not look past the first page of search results and if you’re not visible, you’re simply losing potential revenue. And with the Health and Wellness industry having some of the highest volume traffic out there, it’s crucial to capture that revenue. As organic search provides the highest ROI results and is the largest acquisition channel, SEO is something you can’t afford to ignore Drive new customers to your site via a personalized campaign tailored to your brand’s needs, voice, and target audience. At VELOX Media you can expect consistent communication from our dedicated account managers.

Health and Wellness Organic Search Engine Marketing


Any online business needs a strong brand identity. You need to distinguish yourself from your competitors and catch the eye of potential customers.

Any inconsistency in branding can hurt your B2B and B2C marketing efforts. VELOX Media helps you define your brand’s pillars and communicate them to your target audience.

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Health and Wellness Creative Management


A digital strategy is an intrinsic part of running your marketing campaign in the Health and Wellness industry.

VELOX Media creates and ensures online clarity. Our expert consultants learn how your company defines success, create action plans tailored to your KPIs, and help you achieve your business objectives. From keyword research to website analysis and content creation, your custom strategy is central to everything we do.

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Health and Wellness Digital Strategy


Do you know which KPIs are the most important to track in the Health and Wellness Industry? VELOX focuses on what matters most to your business. We define success on your terms and identify the steps that will get you there. Before we launch any campaign, we ensure its success through a multi-disciplinary approach. This includes upfront user research, target audience identification, KPI definitions, campaign timelines, analytics audits, and more.

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Health and Wellness Enterprise Marketing

Search Marketing

The Health industry is growing exponentially every single day. With the amount of new weight loss, nutrition-based and supplement companies being formed, you need to be able to be found online. When paired with an organic SEO strategy, a well-executed paid media campaign can deliver immediate revenue wins. As Google places more and more dynamic SERP elements above the fold, organic listings become less immediately visible. VELOX’s paid media experts identify new keyword opportunities to target these powerful paid visibility features. Not only that, we can place dynamic paid content across the full spectrum of search, display and video result elements. Our search management team optimizes paid media campaigns on a daily basis.

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Health and Wellness Search Marketing

Are you ready to get your Health and Wellness business in front of the right audiences? Contact VELOX today to get started–and be sure to check out our case study below to see just how much an impact getting in front of the correct audience can make.

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Our Health and Wellness Case Studies

Apparel, E-Commerce, Health

Doubled their organic revenue with our health and wellness digital marketing strategy.

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Food, Health

Outranked Amazon, Today, and GNC within 90 days with our Health & Wellness Digital Marketing Services.

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