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October 31, 2023

Top 6 Google Ads Agency Best Practices for Outstanding Results

Google Ads should be an integral part of any revenue-driven digital marketing campaign.

But achieving your goals isn’t just about the tools available to you. More importantly, it’s how you use them. 

VELOX Media’s Google Ads marketing specialists know that cookie-cutter solutions simply won’t yield the results your business needs to scale. 

That’s why we tailor each campaign to the client’s individual revenue and ROAS goals, helping them maximize their budget and boost conversions. 

If you’ve decided it’s time to partner with an experienced Google Ads agency, it’s important to separate the best from the rest. Here are six best practices the top Google Ads management agencies leverage to achieve outstanding results. 

Your Agency Should Use Smart Bidding to Seize Opportunities

As a Digital Marketing Director, you want to keep a close eye on all aspects of your department’s work. However, you can manage only so much, and you never want to let an opportunity fall through the cracks. 

That’s why taking advantage of opportunities to automate processes where possible while leveraging new technologies is vital.

This isn’t just about bandwidth. While Google Ads Smart Bidding will save you considerable time, it’s also the best way to achieve your marketing goals by identifying new opportunities around the clock. 

VELOX Leverages Smart Bidding and Other Leading-Edge Technology

Whether targeting impression share, conversions, or conversion value, Smart Bidding is a prime example of how recent technological developments, including AI, can elevate your digital marketing efforts.

As a Google Premier Partner, VELOX is recognized as an early adopter of Google’s latest technology. It’s part of how we’re constantly innovating and seizing new opportunities to drive stunning ROI for enterprise clients.

Google Ads Account Managers Should Set Clear Campaign Objectives

Google Ads is a powerful marketing tool, but like all tools, it’s only as effective as the information you provide. If you don’t tell Google Ads where you’re going and how you’d like to get there, you’re not optimizing your campaign to the fullest. 

Too many Google Ads users fail to set clear campaign objectives within Google Ads, which is like asking Siri for directions without providing a destination. While your ads might run, without a clear goal or direction, you could be wasting thousands of dollars in ad spend without the conversion growth to show for it.

VELOX Optimizes Every Detail of Your Google Ads Campaigns

If you’re an eCommerce enterprise, you’ll likely use the sales objective, while content marketers may opt to pursue website traffic, and a B2B services company may go after leads. 

No matter your vertical, there’s a campaign objective that’s right for your business, and VELOX will ensure every facet of your PPC campaign reflects your overarching goals.

Digital Marketing Experts Should Track Conversion Value for Ongoing ROI and ROAS Evaluation

Scaling your enterprise requires capturing new revenue, which is why a revenue-driven approach to conversion tracking is an essential element of outstanding Google Ads management. 

Acquisition is key, but there’s no better gauge of campaign performance than conversion value. That requires more than last-click attribution. 

Whether tracking conversions with a Google Ads tag or importing Google Analytics 4 data into Google Ads, you need a holistic view of your conversion paths to allocate spend dynamically. 

VELOX Leverages a Data-Driven Approach to Track Conversion Value

At VELOX, we know it’s not just about clicks and impressions—it’s about your bottom line. By focusing on revenue and ROAS, we reallocate spend based on performance to achieve optimal ROI.

Using analytics data, the experts at VELOX identify the channels with the top conversion rates and best revenue contribution to hone in on your highest-value audiences.

Your Agency Should Continually A/B Test Ads and Landing Pages

When it comes to Google Ads, there’s nothing more inefficient than guesswork, which is why robust A/B testing is a must for any effective Google Ads agency. 

To capture new revenue and drive growth, your landing pages need to deliver on the promises made in your ads. Otherwise, users may click your ad but leave your site without converting.

By creating at least two ads per group in Google Ads, we A/B test 24/7 throughout our bespoke digital marketing campaigns to meet unique client goals. Among other things, testing different ad copy and landing page combinations is key to driving conversions.

VELOX Constantly Optimizes Ad Copy and Tests Landing Pages to Drive Conversions

Our Google Ads marketing specialists write unique, dynamic ad titles and descriptions informed by search intent for each responsive search ad to achieve the highest relevance score. We create a variety of ads to learn which will perform best for each individual campaign. 

At VELOX, we take a full-funnel approach to drive revenue, emphasizing pairing each ad with the best landing page to ensure these ads are shown to the right audience at the right time.

Google Marketing Ads Experts Should Leverage In-Depth Keyword Research

Before taking over your ads account, your Google Ads management agency should perform robust keyword research to reach your most valuable audiences. 

Keep in mind that keyword research is never truly complete—it’s an ongoing effort, part and parcel to the constant optimization necessary for exponential digital growth. 

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VELOX Media Performs Keyword Research in Perpetuity for Constant Optimization

When you partner with VELOX, you get a high-touch, white-glove Google Ads agency that’s in your account all week long, 24 hours a day, working with the utmost diligence. 

We evaluate emerging terms and new opportunities to optimize your position and value based on your campaign goals. Your keyword list is never complete, and we add and drop keywords based on new developments and market data. 

Your Agency Should Target High-Value Audiences and Remarket Effectively

While expanding your market share is a key goal, to achieve sustained revenue growth, your remarketing efforts must be effective at retaining customers. 

Using data about your most valuable customers, your Google Ads marketing agency must dynamically remarket to those most likely to convert again. Then, based on those customers who have already converted, your agency can target ads toward potential customers. 

VELOX Uses Proven Targeting and Remarketing Techniques

From the very beginning of your partnership with VELOX, our specialists will create high-value audiences based on a variety of signals, including your CRM data, to drive conversions and revenue. With this data, VELOX is able to better target these audiences, ensuring your ads are shown to people most likely to convert, maximizing ROAS along the way. 

Elevate Your Google Ads Marketing with VELOX

Expert execution of Google Ads campaigns is key to achieving your company’s KPIs, and VELOX knows what it takes to deliver sustained search engine dominance. 

As a revenue-focused Google Ads marketing agency, we use the latest technology to implement innovative techniques and deliver the ROAS your enterprise needs to scale. 

It’s time to leverage your paid channels to achieve exponential growth. Contact VELOX today to learn more about how we can improve your Google Ads performance.

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