March 15, 2023

Google Release March 2023 Broad Core Update

Google has officially rolled out the March 2023 Board Core Update. Six months after the September 2022 Broad Core Update, this latest rollout could be complete within the next two weeks and is set to impact many sites.

Even if there isn’t anything “wrong” with your pages, you could still see a drop in rankings. Here’s what you should know.

What should I do if this update affects my website?

  • Google’s advice for those negatively impacted by the March 2023 Broad Core Update is the same as previous core updates. Specifically, businesses should consider the following questions about their content:
  • Is your business providing original information, research, reporting, or analysis?
  • Does your business’ content provide a substantial, complete, or comprehensive description of the topic?
  • Does the content feature insightful analysis or interesting information beyond the obvious?
  • If your content draws from other sources, does it avoid simply copying or rewriting information? Does it provide additional value and originality?
  • Do your headlines and/or page titles offer descriptive, helpful summaries of your content?
  • Do the headlines and/or page titles avoid exaggeration to entice clicks (click bait)?
  • Are your pages the kind you’d want to bookmark or recommend to a friend?
  • Would you expect to see your content referenced by an encyclopedia, magazine, or book?

Regardless of the most recent update, high-quality, user-centric content is what drives growth. These questions can help you better assess the quality of your content and take steps to improve it.

Keep an Eye on Your Rankings

When Google updates its search ranking algorithms, your site can do better or worse in search results. Today, we know Google released a core ranking update, so keep an eye on your analytics and rankings over the next few weeks. That way, you can better understand if it was something you changed on your website or if it was Google’s algorithm update.

Keep in mind Google previously mentioned you can see incremental recovery in between core updates, but you will probably see a much larger change after the next core update.

Affected By The March 2023 Broad Core Update?

If your site has been impacted or you have additional questions or concerns about this March 2023 Broad Core Update, we’d love to help.

As a Google Premier Partner, VELOX Media is always on the front lines of every Google update. Contact our digital marketing experts to learn how we can help guide and optimize your SEO strategies following any major changes to Google’s core ranking algorithm.

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