July 6, 2021

Google’s July 2021 Core Update Is Officially Rolling Out

Google’s long-awaited July Core Update has just started rolling out, with an estimated 1-2 week rollout timeframe. Announced on Google’s Search Liason Twitter account, this is the second part of the Core Update released this past June, which saw changes and updates to Google’s algorithms that the company stated might show drops or gains in SEO rankings for advertiser content.

What Ranking Changes Were Noted After Google’s June 2021 Core Update?

After Google’s June 2021 Core Update began to roll out on June 2nd, Semrush noted that the top search categories with the most changes were in Health, Autos, Pets and Animals, Science, and Travel. Most of all, Semrush and other ranking platforms noted that this particular core update was substantial compared to Google’s December 2020 update, which was already one of Google’s largest in recent years.

Likewise, many in the SEO community noted that the ranking changes weren’t initially felt in the first 24 hours, but that the following three-day period saw some huge drops in some sites, but little to no fluctuations in others.

What Should Advertisers Expect with the July 2021 Core Update?

Following this update, advertisers should expect any number of fluctuations in their content ranking, just as they likely saw fluctuations when the first part of Google’s Update released this past June. In fact, Google has stated that any ranking fluctuations that occurred in June could very well reverse themselves following this July 2021 update, but that remains to be seen.

What Should Advertisers Do If They See Ranking Fluctuations from the July 2021 Core Update?

Should you find yourself negatively impacted by Google’s July 2021 Core Update, or even the update this past June, Google has offered some advice on what to consider. While there aren’t specific recovery actions to take, as again, negative impacts from this past June could likely reverse themselves, here is a brief rundown of what Google suggests.

Focus on Content: Try not to stress too much if page rankings drop after a core update, as this doesn’t guarantee that there’s anything wrong to “fix.” If you do feel the need to change something, however, make sure to offer the best possible content that you can. You can start by asking yourself the following Content and Quality Questions:

  • Does your content provide a clear description of the topic?
  • Does your content provide original information, reporting, research or analysis?
  • Does your content provide insightful information or analysis beyond the obvious?
  • Does your content provide substantial value or originality beyond simply copying and rewriting from other sources?
  • Do your headlines and/or page titles provide clear, helpful summaries of the content?
  • Do your headlines and/or titles avoid the pitfall of being too exaggerating or shocking in nature?
  • Is your content the kind you’d want to bookmark or share with a friend?
  • Would you expect to find your content referenced in a book, encyclopedia, or magazine?

What Else Can Advertisers Do Following the July 2021 Core Update?

Google’s next bit of advice goes into assessing your answers to questions regarding the presentation and production of your content, along with its comparative nature to that of your competitors. Furthermore, Google suggests really diving into the Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness (EAT score) of your content, making sure it always aligns with the user intent of those seeking products and services related to what you have to offer.

Hurt by the Update? Contact the Digital Marketing Experts at VELOX

As the July 2021 Core Update continues to roll out, its full effects remain to be seen. That being said, should you find yourself with any additional questions regarding the July 2021 Core Update and how it could affect your business, feel free to contact the SEO experts at VELOX Media. As a Google Premier Partner specializing in SEO digital marketing, we’re on the front lines of every Google Core Update, ready to tackle any questions or concerns you may have.

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