July 12, 2021

Microsoft Advertising Has Launched a New Tours and Activities Ad Format

If you’re an advertiser in the travel and leisure industry specializing in Bing ads, Microsoft Advertising has just launched a new advertising format to help you reach more potential travelers and adventure-seekers. Dubbed Tours and Activities, Microsoft’s new ad format is unique to the platform and will feature feed-based ad types that trigger based on a users’ search intent in the U.S. and the U.K.

How Do Microsoft’s Tours and Activities Ads Work?

Microsoft’s Tours and Activities ad format will work by leveraging unique feed files alongside Microsoft’s AI to provide images, videos, ratings, and pricing information on travel and leisure to users who search using Bing’s Search engine, Bing Maps, or Bing Travel Guides. Should a user search for tours in London for example, that search will trigger results for over 1,000 cities and their 1,700+ attractions, with pricing information and reviews prominently displayed.

Furthermore, Microsoft says that Tours and Activities can be triggered by hovering over landmark pins in Bing Maps, giving advertisers even more opportunities to match their products and services with potential travelers.

What Does Microsoft’s Tours and Activities Mean for Traveling and Leisure Advertisers?

Put simply, Microsoft’s new ad format offers some impressive opportunities for improvement in lead generation and ad campaign efficiency for those working in the traveling industry. With nearly 40% of Bing users saying they want greater access to outdoor activities, especially after a year of strict safety and social distancing policies during the COVID-19 pandemic, adopters of Microsoft’s new format could very well see big gains in target CPA and ROAS numbers.

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