March 24, 2020

Social Distancing Has Created an Opportunity for E-Commerce Brands to Capture More Traffic

With more and more consumers doing their part to maintain social distancing, it’s no surprise that e-commerce is seeing an incredible lift in traffic.

Current public data is showing that ad spend in the e-commerce landscape has increased by nearly double, from $4.8 million near the end of February to $9.6 million in early March. The numbers account for multiple channels, including advertising in TV, websites, YouTube, and podcasts, among others and there is no end in sight. E-commerce sales are expected to account for 12% of total retail sales in 2020. With consumer behavior changing as a result of COVID-19, the projected numbers could change in the coming quarters, impacting annual revenue and the traditional holiday sales numbers. In fact, some merchants are currently reporting numbers that have exceeded their revenue for past Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

At VELOX, we’re seeing traffic for our clients increasing by a minimum of 100%, with conversion rates jumping up by at least 2-5X across verticals. Even before the implementation of social distancing, retailers with both physical and digital stores were reporting an uptick in e-commerce sales by over 50% and conversions by nearly 10%. Our experts believe this indicates that the growing numbers for e-commerce sales and conversions is due to an overall upward trend, one that is most likely to stick around even after the social distancing practices have leveled off.

The current climate presents a unique challenge in terms of predicting the ultimate effects on e-commerce and businesses in general. However, at present, we’re seeing an unprecedented increase in keyword search volume, while keyword difficulty remains slightly lower. This presents progressive brands with a unique opportunity to drive short-term revenue growth in the e-commerce marketing channel. We’re encouraging clients and other businesses to capture this opportunity to stay ahead of the game and prepare for future quarters.

VELOX is capitalizing on this growth for existing and new clients. Our team has the experience and the capability to help your e-commerce brand capture the competitive marketing landscape through organic search, paid ads management, and world-class content creation. Don’t wait—begin a partnership with us today to secure a higher ROI, increased revenue, and ultimately, a more successful year.

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