September 25, 2023

3 Things to Look for in a Social Media Marketing Agency

Delivering the right message at the right time is key to driving traffic, conversions, and revenue through social media. 

Partnering with a growth-oriented social media marketing agency can make all the difference for businesses looking to stand out among their competitors in increasingly crowded social feeds.

From awareness to conversion to retargeting, consistent messaging is vital to reaching your target audience. But that’s not all you should expect as you explore top-tier social media marketing services. 

You need a digital marketing agency that’s obsessed with data, optimizes your campaigns daily, and consistently delivers transparent reporting so you can see how your campaign translates into tangible revenue results.

That’s exactly what we do at VELOX Media. 

VELOX is the high-touch digital marketing agency that can boost your ROAS by 40% within the first 60 days of managing your paid marketing campaigns.

And no, that figure is not the industry standard—it’s what happens when you work with a paid media agency that fuses expertise, accountability, and respect. 

These are the top three things to look for in a social media marketing agency and how VELOX excels in each category. 

Your Agency Should Carefully Craft Ad Creatives Based on Key Audience Metrics

Compelling storytelling is the cornerstone of effective social media marketing. Your team should optimize ad creatives to tell the right story at the right time to the right audience.

These days, a set-and-forget social media approach isn’t enough to capture market share and enhance conversion rates. Beating the competition requires fresh, new creatives based on the latest trends and consumer demands.

With so much quality content available in virtually every niche, your brand must nail the message and the timing. Otherwise, you risk forever disappearing from your ideal customer’s feed with a single swipe.

VELOX Will Help You Turn New Customers Into Loyal Brand Advocates

The social media specialists at VELOX constantly monitor and update ad creatives, tailoring each one across campaigns and audiences. We identify scaling opportunities and react immediately to seize crucial momentum for your brand. 

VELOX also places a premium on ads that sell themselves. We build trust by focusing on organic commenting and sharing to create viral ads that leave the perfect impression to build valuable brand equity. 

From targeted language to compelling visuals, VELOX can help you optimize your social ad creatives to turn users into followers and new customers into loyal brand advocates.

Social Media Marketing Experts Should Use Industry-Leading Strategies and Technology

Performance data should be at the core of everything your social media marketing agency does. Your agency should go beyond the surface-level metrics offered by social platforms.

A great team of experts will deduplicate data, compare collection points, and customize reports to deliver uncompromising accuracy and surface the deep insights necessary to maximize your ROAS. 

VELOX Uses a Last-Click Model for Superior Purchase Attribution

We distill all the data from your Facebook pixel, API, and Google Analytics to reallocate ad spend based on performance to help you achieve exponential digital growth.

Don’t just take our word for it—see how we have exceeded expectations in the past for clients like Democracy Clothing.

VELOX achieved a return of 700-800% just one month after launching a social ads campaign for Democracy Clothing. After six months of management, Democracy Clothing’s ROAS reached 10.6. In the years since, we’ve scaled their campaign multiple times and increased their revenue by 1,653%. 

As an ROI-focused digital marketing and paid media agency, VELOX knows what it takes to stand out on social media, and the proof is in the new revenue our clients generate each month.

Democracy Clothing’s Results with VELOX:

  • 700-800% Return in 1 Month
  • 10.6 ROAS in 6 Months
  • 1,653% Total Revenue Growth


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Your Social Media Marketing Agency Should Be Transparent and Communicate Often 

Whether it’s time to set up an API or initiate server-side integration, your brand deserves a social media marketing team that offers a robust suite of services with the agile implementation you need to outperform your competition.

You also need to find a partner that offers transparent, performance-driven reporting that informs additional optimizations. The ideal is an agency that remains hands-on 24/7, contacting you bi-weekly or even more frequently to review social ad campaign results using a proprietary reporting platform—which is exactly what VELOX does.

VELOX Offers an Exclusive, High-Touch Experience to Clients

VELOX helps clients rapidly build more productive revenue-driving businesses with a philosophy rooted in accountability, transparency, and respect. 

We treat your brand as our own, delivering consistent service and providing meaningful communication throughout the partnership. Every brand, no matter their size or investment, is treated with the same sense of urgency and priority. 

Our paid management team constantly optimizes and keeps clients informed as a campaign progresses. As we actively respond to clients, we also update ad copy, check pixel integration on a daily basis, and identify budget refinements that will enhance your ROAS. 

Need to set up a Meta Shop? Let us put our detailed understanding of the latest best practices to work for you. We can also show you how SEO and social ads work together to further enhance campaign results. 

VELOX is a team of digital marketing innovators, and there’s nothing we’d rather do with our knowledge and experience than help your business scale. 

Realize Exponential Digital Growth with VELOX

If you want to maximize conversions, revenue, and ROAS, VELOX is ready to help.

We’re the revenue-focused social media marketing agency that drills down on your KPIs and tailors social ad campaigns to take your ROAS to the next level. Using leading-edge technology and innovative techniques, we’re known for helping enterprises scale digital revenue. 

Join forces with VELOX and experience our transparent approach to driving sustained digital dominance. Contact VELOX today for a free social ads account audit.

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