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Better Bodies

Company Background

Better Bodies is a hardcore premier fitness apparel brand designed for serious male and female athletes. Better Bodies was founded in the Fall of 1982 in Lower Manhattan with the goal of opening a serious training facility that welcomed everybody equally. Regardless of your sex, color or creed, if you trained hard and loved the gym, Better Bodies was your team. It was a place of inclusion & a gym without judgment.

Embraced by the best powerlifters, bodybuilders, and serious athletes of the era, the brand eventually branched into apparel designed to embody and represent this Better Bodies mentality. Today, Better Bodies stays true to its roots with a modern flair offering a variety of high-quality gym apparel that incorporates today’s style trends and maintains its core “Train Hard. Lift Heavy.” attitude.


Better Bodies is headquartered in Sweden and wanted to target the United States for five national keywords. VELOX’s strategy included extensive market research to create a fully- optimized Google Ads campaign and high-authority SEO rankings. The original timeline for obtaining results was 4- to 8-months…VELOX achieved results in just 3 months.

New Revenue Potential

The New Revenue Potential Model projected


in new monthly revenue with a top 3 rank


Better Bodies was competing in an ultra-competitive industry with costly keywords and a saturated market.


  • $35,000 per month increase in new revenue within 90 days through Google Ads
  • Increase in organic search revenue by $25,000 per month
  • Doubled organic revenue
  • Top 3 ranks for organic search resulted in roughly double the amount of revenue capture
  • Created $6,300 per month with a $1,000 per month Google spend on a new campaign
  • VELOX is now generating $26,000 per month with a $4,000 monthly Google spend


Google Ads Success

  • Optimized new campaigns to a 9.42% click-through rate and a 5.06% conversion rate within the first 60 days
  • Created $6,300 per month with a $1,000 per month Google spend on a new campaign
  • VELOX is now generating $26,000 per month with a $4,000 per month Google spend

Final Outcome
5Launched 5 national keywords
1Captured #1 rank within 90 days
60Within 60 days, VELOX captured four top 3 ranks and one top 5 rank

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