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Dr. Axe

Company Background

Dr. Josh Axe founded the Exodus Health Center in 2008, in 2009, and Axe Organic Supplements in 2015. Dr. Axe is a leader in the nutrition and supplements industry, possessing a wealth of knowledge in areas including advanced nutrition, superfoods, and superior diet cleanses. He is passionate about helping his clients gain a better understanding of food and nutrition and how these factors affect the human body. On Dr. Axe’s syndicated radio show, he engages with his followers and listeners every week.

Dr. Axe has also been the official physician for American Olympic and University of Michigan athletes and featured on NBC and Fox. It’s no surprise that Dr. Axe’s web presence generates over 250,000 monthly visits, making it one of the most popular natural health websites in the world. Dr. Axe is now reaching out to the masses through his podcast, interviewing experts and answering questions from his followers around the world.

SEO ROI Strategy

VELOX utilized proven SEO and Paid Management strategies to help Dr. Axe improve online sales revenue by leveraging authoritative and high-quality link-building and AdWords campaigns.

Dr. Axe and his products compete in an increasingly competitive marketplace, widely considered to be the next trillion-dollar industry. The road to #1 was littered with companies which already held the organic search positions needed to achieve the revenue potential required. VELOX focused on the informational supersite and helped monetize traffic to its store to catapult eCommerce revenue.

Keyword Ranking Improvement

The New Revenue Potential Model we put together before launching this campaign projected


per month in new revenue with a #1 rank on both search phrases.




after reaching #1 on Google, Yahoo, and Bing

Final Outcome

Dr. Axe launched 2 brand new products called Bone Broth Protein and Bone Broth Powder. The difference between a #5 rank and a #1 rank is literally 5X more monthly revenue. VELOX Media only took 90 days to capture #1 and #2 ranks on two search phrases for this new product, which had no ranking when we started.

  • bone broth protein – currently ranked #1 and #2 on Google
  • bone broth powder – currently ranked #1 and #2 on Google


To capture #1 we had to outrank:


SEO Rankings

  • Our AdWords management improved revenue capture by 40% within the first 30 days, generating $40,000 per month in new revenue.
  • The New Revenue Potential Model we put together for Dr. Axe projected a 5X increase in Collagen Protein revenue with a #1 rank. We delivered those results in 60 days.


Here is another look:

  • Collagen Protein was ranked #5 on Google at the beginning – producing $26,000 per month
  • Within 60 days we drove Collagen Protein to #1, increasing revenue to $109,000 per month

The average person now spends more time online than with TV and all other media combined. It’s time to make sure your digital strategy reflects your customer’s habits.

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