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Rent The Runway

Company Background

Rent the Runway is one of the leading fashion companies with a technology soul. Its business model specializes in renting fashion designers’ most established pieces.

Rent the Runway offers 100,000’s of options with flexibility to accommodate a wide range of styles and budgets. Different subscription offerings are available which cater to any and all wardrobe needs, thus making shopping even easier.

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Rent the Runway wanted to test VELOX’s ability to outrank key competitors in the fashion industry–including Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom–in a major category search. VELOX focused on high authority backlink strategies in order to capture a #1 ranking and achieved this within 90 days.

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Proposed New Revenue Potential

The New Revenue Potential Model assembled for Rent the Runway projected $96,000 per month in new revenue with a top 3 rank. VELOX only required 60 days to achieve and surpass this goal.


per month in new revenue


Top 3 Rank

VELOX only required 60 days to achieve and

surpass the goal


Final Outcome
  • A keyword focused on event dresses improved from #27 to #3
  • A keyword focused on wedding dresses improved from #5 to #3
  • A keyword focused on gowns improved from #20 to #1
1 keyword ranked #3 jumped 23 spots
1 keyword ranked #3 jumped 2 spots
1 keyword ranked #1 jumped 15 spots
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3VELOX was able to capture three top 3 rankings within 60 days of the original 4- to 8-month time frame.
$1,170,000New rankings generated $97,500 in new revenue per month, adding $1,170,000 to annual revenue.
$1,680,000Revenue has now improved to $1,680,000 per year.

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