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June 15, 2023

Why On Page SEO Alone Isn’t Enough to Get Your Brand Ranking

Optimizing your website for users and search engines is critical to succeeding in the digital marketplace.

There’s no getting around it: on page SEO is vital. In the wake of Google’s Helpful Content Update, site owners need to publish informative, high-quality content that answers searchers’ questions to the greatest extent possible. Google’s algorithm also places a premium on outstanding UX, which means you should, too. 

These are the fundamentals of setting up a site to outrank the competition on SERPs. If you aren’t publishing winning content and delivering an uncompromising user experience, you shouldn’t expect to see meaningful results from digital channels. 

However, despite the importance of on page SEO, most site owners and businesses stand to see better results by expanding their digital marketing efforts. 

To claim those coveted top spots in SERPs, you need to take a holistic marketing approach that includes everything from link building to social media marketing (SMM) and pay per click advertising (PPC). 

Crafting a unique strategy that will work best for your business takes time and expertise, but by incorporating the various elements of off page SEO work and avoiding some of the most widespread SEO myths, you can take your brand to the next level. 

Here’s what you need to know about on page SEO, why it’s essential, why it works best when combined with other marketing channels, and how you can take your site further. 

Don’t Be Mistaken: On Page SEO Is Crucial

To start off, it’s important to reiterate that just because on page SEO by itself might not be enough to outrank your competitors, it’s a crucial component of any modern digital marketing strategy. 

Broadly speaking, there are two sides to on page SEO: the technical aspects of your site and the content on your site. 

Technical SEO encompasses everything from URL structure to alt attributes, page load speed, and other elements. These all combine to determine the quality of your site’s UX. You want your users to have the smoothest and speediest experience on your site, and so do major search engines. In fact, search engines like Google evaluate your site and can rank a page lower if they find broken links or other technical issues. For this reason, on page technical SEO is essential, and improving your site’s UX should be an ongoing priority. 

Along with these technical elements, the content on your site plays a key role in your SEO success. As you may know, Google, Bing, and other search engines are more motivated than ever to deliver answers with minimal navigation on the part of users. That means the top organic results—not to mention the pages selected to appear in rich results such as featured snippets—need to be comprehensive, accurate, and adhere to Google’s E-E-A-T guidelines

High-quality content is still king, and it’s harder than ever (if not impossible) to “trick” search engines with keyword-heavy, thin content. That’s why every site owner and brand should regularly post helpful, people-first content that genuinely answers questions and demonstrates expertise.  

But once you’ve nailed your on page SEO checklist, what can you do next to elevate your brand online and grow into the future? 

Link Building: The Not-So-Secret Weapon

Ever heard of link equity? Maybe you’ve seen it referred to as “link juice.” Either way, it’s a crucial concept for digital marketers to understand. 

Link equity is the authority passed from one web page to another via linking. It’s also a factor that search engines use to determine your site’s authority, which can directly impact your rankings. 

So, how does one go about gaining link equity? By getting other sites to link back to your most valuable pages. As other sites—especially relevant sites, those in the same niche as you—link back to your pages, you’ll find your site climbing SERPs for your chosen keywords, which can lead to higher CTRs and more conversions. 

There’s no better way to gain inbound links from other sites than by establishing your brand as an authority in your field—the “A” in E-E-A-T. This requires publishing high-quality content that directly and comprehensively answers searchers’ questions. 

There are a few different ways to go about link building, including content syndication, manual blogger outreach, and more. Whichever you choose, it all starts by creating original, helpful content that adheres to Google’s guidelines.  

On the other hand, bad link building practices and other black-hat SEO techniques can result in manual or algorithmic penalties for your site, devastating your ability to rank for a prolonged period. That’s why white-hat SEO is always the way to go. Seeing results may take a little longer, but you can achieve durable, exponential growth without the extreme risks of black-hat tactics. 


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Use Pay Per Click to Kick-Start Your SEO Campaign

As alluded to above, organic search marketing is a long-term venture. It takes time for Google to index your pages and for your link building efforts to bear fruit. But you can’t always afford to wait, especially if you have stakeholders expecting immediate results. 

That’s where pay per click advertising can be a significant asset. 

Unlike organic SEO, well-executed PPC work can give your site immediate visibility and start drawing traffic on day one. PPC is a superb tool for helping searchers discover your brand while your organic search campaign ramps up. 

In comparing organic vs. paid search, you’ll note considerable differences between these two approaches as well as situational pros and cons. But combining the lasting power of organic search marketing with the precise targeting and immediate visibility of PPC is a potent recipe for digital dominance. 

Amplify Your Brand With Social Media Marketing

It’s no secret that Google is evolving from a search engine into a discovery engine, but it’s not the only platform people use to explore new ideas, solve problems, and find new brands. 

Social media is a prime place for discovery. Whether you’re scrolling through Instagram Reels, evaluating perspectives in the comments section of a news story, or reading reviews of a local restaurant in preparation for your next date night, social media platforms are also working to show you new things. 

That’s why digital marketers invest heavily in establishing robust profiles and purchasing social ads that can get their brand in front of prospective customers.  

High-quality web content is also shareable content, so if you’re publishing pages that provide answers and deliver a great UX, odds are those pages are extremely shareable. This doesn’t just get you more traffic—it also shows Google that users value your content, which can contribute to higher SERP rankings. 

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If you have questions, you aren’t the only one. Finding the right combination of digital marketing techniques for your business can be a challenge. Remember, if you start to feel stuck or overwhelmed, all you have to do is turn to the experts at VELOX Media. 

Build a Holistic Marketing Strategy with VELOX Media

Understanding organic search, PPC, and on page SEO individually can be challenging enough, but figuring out how to make them work together effectively takes time—something most businesses don’t have. Fortunately, the VELOX team has the expertise and resources you need to hit the ground running and outrank your competitors. 

The SEO, PPC, and SMM marketing experts at VELOX employ an ROI-focused approach to develop a holistic marketing campaign for your business. You tell us where you want to go, and we’ll help you get there on the trajectory that works best for you. 

Ready to scale your business with PPC, SMM, and on page SEO services? Contact VELOX today for a customized strategy. 


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