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May 23, 2024

Why Skincare Brands Partner with VELOX Media

Skincare is one of the most competitive industries in the world, and skincare companies looking to drive growth must leverage every possible advantage. 

It’s not enough to formulate award-winning products. To achieve success, brands must also speak directly to the needs of their customers in today’s hyper-personalized skincare market. 

From specific skincare goals to a desire for cruelty-free product development and sustainably sourced ingredients, skincare customers have clear needs. Even then, brands need world-class skincare marketing to achieve the online visibility necessary to outpace competitors. 

That’s where VELOX comes in. As a full-service, ROI-focused digital marketing agency, we have a proven record of helping skincare clients surpass their goals to achieve exponential growth. 

Why do successful skincare brands choose VELOX? Here’s what makes us the ideal partner. 

We’re Skincare Marketing Experts

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Put simply, nobody knows this constantly evolving industry like the skincare marketing experts at VELOX. 

We’ve helped clients like Primally Pure, Juice Beauty, 100% Pure, and many others increase conversions, boost organic search rankings, and outpace their competitors using award-winning strategies paired with industry-best service. 

Compliance is a chief concern in skincare, both organic and paid. Our experts have considerable experience ensuring compliance and avoiding restrictions that can impact our clients’ ability to serve ads.

In addition, we artfully choose which USPs to call out in order to satisfy search intent for certain keywords. Because so many skincare clients have partnered with VELOX, our team has a thorough understanding of which USPs will inspire users to convert. 

We’ve worked to optimize the customer journey for clients across numerous skincare niches, building content to speak to a wide variety of personas. 

In addition, we’re experienced in delivering personalized experiences to users, helping them overcome pain points through educational content from the “skin quiz” to thorough product buying guides, FAQs, recommendations for incorporating products into a custom skincare regimen, and more. 

Our team skillfully speaks to every skincare concern out there, from how to fight the signs of aging to identifying clean skincare products and environmental or ethical questions. 

Throughout the entire buyer journey, we work to build and preserve your brand’s authenticity, relating on a meaningful level to the people who would benefit most from your products.

We don’t just know digital marketing—we know skincare. Many of us depend on skincare products to look and feel our best, so many of our team members already know and love the enterprise brands that approach us.

This level of insight gives us a firsthand understanding of your USPs and how they compare to the industry landscape, which informs the strategies and tactics we use to help your brand thrive.

Our Tailored, ROI-Focused Skincare Marketing Campaigns Deliver Real Results

A shelf full of skincare products, all with tags saying "sold." Behind the shelf is a large line graph ascending to represent positive results.

From the Paid Management team to the accomplished writers and editors who expertly craft content to engage site visitors and build your backlink profile, our team has a track record of devising and executing organic search and paid campaigns that deliver outstanding results.

VELOX is a Google Premier Partner and ranked among the top 3% of agencies worldwide due to engagements that consistently exceed client expectations—even in highly competitive industries such as skincare.

We don’t offer templates or cookie-cutter plans. Instead, we connect with you and get to know your brand inside and out. We take the time to explore questions such as:

  • What are the key ingredients you want to highlight for each product, and how does the percentage contribute to optimal results?
  • Who is your target audience, and what voice have you found most effective in building connections with them? Our experience with numerous skincare clients across various niches and demographics enables us to apply the right voice in every situation.
  • Have you encountered any specific compliance issues? We know how to avoid these concerns as well as how to effectively apply workarounds when necessary.


With a thorough understanding of who you are and where you want to go, we use our New Revenue Model to chart your course from point A to point B, providing a clear plan to achieve your ROI and ROAS goals.

What is our New Revenue Model? Using data modeled on actual client performance, this proprietary tool allows us to correlate SERP gains with ROI to calculate the revenue contribution each campaign will deliver, with a conservative target of 400-800% projected new monthly revenue capture.

Don’t take our word for it. Instead, look at the results we achieved for 100% Pure

The brand came to us with an unprofitable Google Ads campaign and a high cost per new customer acquisition. Their goal was to generate $50,000 in new organic revenue and to outrank competitors in Search.

Initial projections from our New Revenue Model indicated we would generate $55,000 in new monthly revenue after 15 months of work. 

It only took us eight months to surpass that goal. 

We achieved these results by optimizing their Google Ads account in addition to our organic SEO efforts. This allowed 100% Pure to achieve multiple #1 organic search rankings, edging out established competitors like Ulta Beauty and Sephora.

This is just one example to highlight out skincare and beauty industry marketing expertise. When you partner with us, we’ll work to create a custom campaign that fits your unique goals. 

We Combine Organic and Paid Search to Maximize Search Visibility

VELOX is a full-service skincare marketing agency, which means we take a holistic approach to each campaign. SEO, PPC, and SMM are all key elements of our work. 

There’s no form of skincare digital marketing that delivers the outstanding ROI and longevity of SEO. Considering that over half of all web traffic comes from organic search, it’s no wonder that carefully considered, expertly implemented skincare SEO is a key growth driver in virtually every industry.

SEO isn’t a quick fix—it’s a business investment, and it does take some time to ramp up before brands start seeing meaningful improvements that help capture higher CTRs, more conversions, and more revenue. 

That’s why Paid Management is such an important part of our approach. While our link building efforts, technical improvements, and on-page optimizations gain traction, we put PPC to work. This allows us to immediately enhance your online presence for quick wins.

Our expert paid strategies include utilizing user-generated content to build deeper, lasting connections with people exploring skincare products online. We’re well-versed in managing ads that feature UGC, and doing so in a way that abides by your existing agreements regarding length, impressions, and other limitations.

We also know which USPs to call out in order to drive conversions and hit your ROAS target.

With SEO and PPC working together, VELOX helps skincare brands rise above the competition, better understand their customers, and reap the benefits of superior remarketing. 

Our Execution Is Grounded in Leading-Edge Research and Technology

Your brand invests heavily in market research to compete in the fierce skincare industry. It’s key to developing winning products and building crucial relationships with the customers who matter most. 

Just as you’re at the forefront of the skincare industry, VELOX leverages emerging technologies, the latest business intelligence, and proven implementation techniques to provide sophisticated, high-touch digital marketing solutions that drive growth. 

Our team’s extensive experience with Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, and even custom WordPress sites—as well as other platforms and CMSs—means we’re capable of optimizing your website no matter how it’s set up. 

In addition, our web and full-stack developers are experts when it comes to digging into site performance issues and identifying opportunities for meaningful page speed and UX improvements.

The addition of machine learning to paid advertising platforms, including Google Ads, makes it easier than ever to improve results. But at VELOX, our Paid Management team takes things even further. 

By leveraging their insights regarding trends, seasonality, audience dynamics, the competitive landscape, and more, our paid ads team keeps our skincare clients’ accounts running at peak efficiency. 

Staying out front allows us to work proactively and keep your brand up to date with the latest skincare SEO trends and strategies.

VELOX Works as an Extension of Your Brand

Two arms are extended with the hands clasped in a handshake to symbolize the partnership between skincare brands and VELOX Media.

Brand authenticity is crucial in the skincare industry. VELOX carries that authenticity across every platform, representing your brand and speaking directly to your most valuable audiences to build trust and loyalty. 

Carefully crafted content—written and edited by human industry experts, not generative AI—drives our link building efforts. Before our content specialists start writing, they study each brand’s voice, guidelines, and preferences to ensure a consistent, omnichannel experience for every user.

Our PPC experts work directly with each brand’s internal marketing team to make the most out of every promotion and hit specific ROAS, CPA, and other targets. 

In addition, dedicated VELOX account managers provide transparent monthly reporting to ensure a high-touch, white-glove experience for every client. 

When the landscape suddenly changes and it’s time to pivot strategies, we work with clients to rapidly identify and seize new opportunities. We’re known for our responsiveness—we’re committed to providing timely, comprehensive answers to any questions you may have.

With VELOX as your business intelligence wing, you can always expect a clear explanation of how each change delivers the ROI your business needs to scale. 

Partner with the Leading Skincare Marketing Agency

VELOX maintains its status as a Google Premier Partner and has ranked for five consecutive years on the Inc. 5000 list. We pride ourselves on working with clients to build more productive, revenue-driving enterprises.

We aren’t your average marketing agency. VELOX goes beyond building tactics—our experts execute and achieve with vision, diligence, and accountability. We know what it takes to drive exponential growth, and we’re ready to work alongside you on your journey to the next level of the skincare industry.

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